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Do you listen to your customers' needs and provide superior customer service? Success comes from listening and properly reacting to their needs - great customer service.

I am going to deviate from my normal commercial equipment leasing and finance focus to share a personal sales experience.

I recently invited three commercial contractors to my house to quote on a major project. All three companies sent experienced sales representatives who spent between one and three hours: measuring, inspecting and presenting their companies. I was impressed with all three companies and the difference in price was significant (nearly a $20,000 variance). Each of the reps provided a total estimate for the project on their initial visit to my home.  I additionally requested an itemized quotation and timing of each stage of the project. Each of the company representatives suggested that it would not be a problem and that they would have an itemized estimate within one to five days. Each were highly accommodating while visiting and excited about the project. The lowest-priced contractor reacted in one day to explain his company doesn't allow itemized estimates and his timing for completing the entire project was three to eight weeks. (When I asked if I only proceeded with just a portion of the project, his response was that he would need to rebid that job when I decided). The more expensive contractors were more customized builders and I understood that I was paying for this customization. However, both did not respond for two weeks (and only after I called to follow-up with them). Both responded to my calls by asking if I was ready to move forward - ignoring my request for additional information.

As a successful originator in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry:
  • Do you offer superior customer service? 
  • Are you customer-centric? 
  • Do you react to your customers in a timely manner?
  • Do you say one thing to your customer and deliver something different?
  • Do you listen intently to your customers' needs? And react appropriately?
No matter whether a sales professional is selling home improvements or commercial financial services, the most successful sales professionals are customer-centric. The most successful sales professionals listen to the needs of their customers.

(The project is moving forward with contractor #5 - wish me luck.) 

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