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Ability to Say "No"
Successful originators in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry know their abilities and strengths. They pursue opportunities that can be won and funded. They align their activities with their ability to be more efficient and productive. Successful originators are willing and capable of quickly determining whether or not an opportunity is "right for them." This process requires successful originators to say "no" to opportunities which are not aligned with their abilities and strengths.

We have all been there before. An opportunity presents itself. It is different than the typical transaction funded. It's larger; it's in a different niche; it requires a different structure; it landed on our desk unsolicited. The transaction could be the home run for the originator. Hours, days, and weeks are spent trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. At the end of the process, the transaction is not funded because it just doesn't align with the originator's abilities.

Top producers encounter similar situations. However, they quickly ask the tough questions; they aggressively qualify the potential transaction for its ability to fund. They dissect the potential situation and determine whether or not it is truly an opportunity or a distraction. Top producers never want to fill their pipeline with false hopes or situations which will absorb valuable time without the realistic ability of producing positive outcomes. Top producers fill their pipeline with transactions with the highest potential of closing efficiently.

Top producing originators have the ability and willingness to say "no" quickly and often in order to spend their valuable time on potential clients that can be funded. Top producers win more business because they align themselves with the "right" opportunities. Not all opportunities are created equal - knowing the difference is the key to success.


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This "Sales Tip" is provided by  
Wheeler Business Consulting. 
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suggestions regarding  
weekly tips are welcome.  
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