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162% of Quota 

During an economic shutdown, a sales professional is 162% of budget through May 2020. 

When many are falling behind, some are moving forward. I had the opportunity to speak with an originator who continues to find success and is significantly outperforming his internal peers. Below are just a few of his suggestions:
  • Do not participate in negative gatherings. At the onset of the lockdown, he found that many of his internal peers were spending significant time on the phone talking to other originators, sharing negative anticipation of, "what was going to happen next." He quickly removed himself from these negative, time consuming, demotivating conversations.
  • Prospect more, not less. This originator explained how, from the very beginning of the pandemic, he was committed to reaching out to new potential clients. He admitted that often the calls were lackluster with plenty of voice mails. However, every day he continued to find a few new opportunities and new contacts that were willing to share ideas and positive outlooks. He found others, like him, who were trying to move forward in more difficult times with a positive attitude. Like-minded professionals seem to find one another. There is plenty of activity for the best to survive.
  • Do not deny the difficulties that others are facing. However, he believes he is providing solutions and encouragement to his vendors and end-users to help them move forward and to proactively move through the economic recovery. He understands that the recovery pace will be different for different companies and industries. He has found new customers who are ready for his services today and he is letting others know that he is available when they are ready.
  • Take extra steps to thoroughly pre-qualify every opportunity and set realistic expectations. This originator's credit requirements have increased significantly; the vetting process has additional steps. Be a beacon of hope. Smile and embrace the small successes that others are having.  

Survive - Thrive - Lead   
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