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Work Smarter
Let's make a comparison between two originators who are both very active, but their results are very different:

Tom: Tom works extremely hard. He is usually the first to arrive in the morning, last to leave, and is constantly on the phone or out visiting new customers. Tom leads the team in applications every month. He is high energy and a team player. The challenge for Tom is that his approval ratio is lower than most on the sales team, but still ends up with more actual transactions and dollars approved. However, he and the company grind through a lot to get to that approval number. Tom's second challenge is that his close ratio is even lower. Therefore, although he is the busiest in the office his funded transactions end-up in the middle of the team. Tom is an average producer.

Josh: Josh is also a hard worker. He arrives at his desk before 9:00, rarely takes a lunch break, and is out the door right at 5:00. Josh only receives about 75% of the applications that Tom receives. Josh consistently has an approval rate in the 70% to 85% range. Josh's closing rate is in the 90% range. Josh is always the leader in production for the company and more importantly, in margins. Josh is also a team leader. He mentors younger team members. Josh understands credit and is excellent at pre-qualifying his leads. Josh has the highest rate of repeat business in the company. He delivers the most to the bottom line for the company because he works efficiently. He knows the capabilities of his company and he sells to his strengths.  

Are you a Tom or a Josh?

Who do you aspire to be? A Tom or a Josh?

What actions are you taking to work smarter, be more efficient, be a top producer, and deliver the greatest results?
 Efficiencies  Produce Results 

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