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Top originators in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry are leading with value. They are closing more transactions because they understand and can articulate the value that they offer to each client. Non-commodity, valued-added professionals are in demand by vendors and end-users that want a better buying experience. Value is more important than ever as we proceed through the recovery period. Strong vendors and end-users are willing to pay for value. Below are a few questions that should be addressed as you evaluate your personal value proposition (PVP) during the recovery:
  • What is your personal value proposition (PVP)? How have you been able to enhance your PVP during the economic shutdown and now recovery?
  • How have your vendors and end-users reacted to your PVP  over the past several months?
  • Are you explaining your PVP within the context of the recovery?
  • Has your PVP allowed you to better serve the needs of your vendors and end-users?
An originator recently explained how he presents himself more aggressively and with more confidence, because he knows that his personal value is important now, more than ever. His clients appreciate his personal service, his personal expertise, and his personal advice. His relationships are becoming deeper and he is offering more than just financing. He feels as though he is building long-term relationships because of the economic disruption. His personal value proposition is more powerful. He is moving forward as others are falling behind.

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