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Top originators in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry act as if they are a CEO of their business. They put the long-term interests of the company first. They consider what is best for the team, profitability, and sustainability of the company ahead of their own self-interest. As employees, they understand that the financial well-being of their company provides personal security and
rewards for them and their families.

In reviewing the shared attributes of top performers in the industry it is often revealed that the top producers are first and foremost advocates for what is in the best interest of the company. 
  • Top producers treat company investments as if it were their own money.
  • Top producers focus their efforts to align with the company's mission and vision.
  • Top producers help to create a company culture with the highest standards.
  • Top producers will never sacrifice integrity or ethics.
  • Top producers work to increase the returns for investors and shareholders.  
  • Top producers are long-term thinkers. 
Top producers are the CEO's of the business they create. They take ownership of their successes and failures. A successful owner of a nationwide independent finance company explained that when he was a regional business developer for an institutional player 30 years ago, he treated his book of business as a separate profit center. He tracked his delinquencies; he tracked his fee income; he tracked his overhead cost to the organization; and most importantly, he measured the contribution that he and his portfolio made to the company's bottom line. He considered himself in training to become a CEO in the industry.

As a top producer in the industry, are you an employee or a CEO (in training)?

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