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Many originators in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry have been working remotely for years. However, the current situation is quite different. Now, many are sharing their home offices with spouses and children. They are confined to their home offices, rather than having the opportunity to travel part of the time visiting clients in person. They are confronted with an operational staff that was previously in a central office, but are now  also working remotely. Perhaps this is the first time that you, as an originator, are working remotely. Below are a few tips:
  • First and most importantly, have patience and stay calm.
  • Have a designated space exclusively for your work, preferably with a door (a lockable door is even better).
  • Create a routine and follow it every day. Working from home takes discipline.
  • If you and your spouse are working from home and taking care of the children, then you both need blocks of time  to commit to your work. Plan out your schedules and stick to your plan. You cannot just "wing it." 
  • Working from home is not a 9 to 5 proposition. Some tasks can be completed off hours, after the kids are in bed ( i.e. research, completing paperwork, planning the next day).
  • Communicate often with your co-workers. Keeping  everyone up-to-date and connected is everyone's responsibility. Several short conference calls are more effective than an hour-long teleconference. Quick emails to update the team are always helpful.
  • Now is the time to be in more contact with your vendors and end-users than ever before. You must assure them that you are available to help with their needs. Be empathetic, have patience, be there to offer professional solutions.
  • Have patience with others in your company that have never worked remotely. Your credit department may require a bit more time to process an application. We are all in this together. This is not a time for unnecessary drama. Be part of the solution. 
  • Teleworking requires flexibility and innovation - two attributes that the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry are experts in. Now is the time to use both.
These are truly unprecedented times. Leadership and professionalism will lead us forward. You are the solution.

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