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What is Your  2020 Plan?      
The commercial equipment leasing and finance industry is dynamic and constantly changing. S uccessful originators embrace the market and have a well-developed plan to fully realize their personal goals. A formal plan is a critical component of improving production, efficiency, and personal income.  

Below are a few questions that you may consider as we enter 2020:
  • What sales activities will I continue to focus on in 2020?
  • What activities will I decrease or eliminate, because they do not contribute to my outcomes?
  • What are the greatest opportunities in the market for me and my company? How will I capture these opportunities?
  • What steps (actions) will I take to advance my personal career? How will I improve my value in the market?
  • Are my goals bold and realistic? Am I committed to reaching my goals?
  • Do I have all of the proper tools to execute my plan? If not, what steps am I taking to quickly obtain these tools?

Your success depends upon your personal actions and your commitment to executing your plan every day. 

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