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Resetting Expectations

Much has changed over the past few months. Originators may need to reset their expectations and clarify new processes. Vendors and end-users will accept change if it is explained and confronted with transparency. 

Many originators are faced with significant changes in their credit approval processes, documentation processes, and funding processes. Top originators are facing these changes upfront and setting realistic expectations.

An originator recently explained how, prior to the pandemic, his company routinely adjudicated credit in a matter of hours and vendors were immediately informed of decisions. The process is now taking at least 24 hours and at times a few days. The credit department and funding partners are rightfully digging deeper on every transaction to mitigate risk. However, the originator continues to promise a few hours turn-around on credit decisions. He is routinely over promising and under delivering. He has lost several key relationships.  


An originator employed by the same finance company has taken a different approach. She explains upfront to her vendors that the company is being more prudent and is investigating every transaction with more caution. She explains that the company is able to better understand each customer and deliver better approvals, but that the process is taking slightly longer. She supports the credit process because it allows the company to make better decisions, allows her to best serve the strongest vendors, and ensures consistency for the long term. She has maintained her best relationships and continues to grow her volume and book of business by being a trusted advisor. She has reset her expectations and continues to under promise and over deliver. 

Top performers will outlast the Covid pandemic. They will perform well during the recovery. They are positioning themselves for future success.

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