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Originators in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry are often asked to significantly increase their production numbers. Less savvy originators believe the simple answer to increased production lies in lower rates and/or lower credit criteria. However, lowering rates and credit criteria can produce disastrous results. The question remains:
How do top originators create additional success while simultaneously assuming less risk?

Listed below are just a few factors that contribute to top producers' success in increasing volume, while reducing risk and maintaining profit margins.
  • Top producers focus on their value proposition. Clients will pay for value-added services.
  • Top producers don't treat all relationships equally. They are good time managers and they focus on relationships that have the greatest potential.
  • Top producers leverage every relationship and transaction. They ask for referrals and build a strong network of prospects.
  • Top producers are willing to walk away from relationships and transactions that don't align with their personal strategies.
  • Top producers are not deal chasers; they are relationship builders. They have a systematic process to attract the "right" clients.
  • Top producers do not accept self-inflicted limitations. They are always reaching for the next level of success.
  • Top producers are long-term "players". They understand that success is a journey worth talking.
There is always a next level of success for an originator in the commercial equipment and finance industry. You must be determined to act boldly and maximize your outcomes every day.

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This "Sales Tip" is provided by  
Wheeler Business Consulting. 
 Comments, questions and  
suggestions regarding  
weekly tips are welcome.  
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