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Originators  in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry are rightfully judged by the quality of assets that they originate. It is especially important during the current economic disruption for originators to dissect their personal portfolio; to know which assets are performing the best, which assets required deferments, and which assets are non-performing. The first step in moving forward often includes an honest and deep dive into the past; and a full understanding of why some industries and clients continue to thrive while others struggle.

There is no doubt that every personal portfolio has been affected by the current pandemic. However, it is important to understand how your originated assets rank within the industry, your peer group, and your company. Originators need this data to determine which assets to pursue.

The most frequently asked question that I receive from originators daily is:
"Where should I focus my efforts to originate the most business?"

The question should be:
"Where should I focus my efforts to originate the best performing assets?"

By dissecting your personal portfolio, you can quickly determine where you should focus your efforts; and equally as important, where you should decrease or cease your efforts. Results matter. Top originators seek out opportunities that minimize risk and maximize returns. Time is money; and top originators use their time effectively to generate high quality assets which outperform their peers.

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