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February 4, 2021 | Greater Los Angeles Area Council, BSA
“Be the Change” Event for the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts
We are inviting everyone to join us for a celebration of service, leadership, and the groundbreaking accomplishments of the first female Eagle Scouts during the upcoming “Be the Change” event. This event will be broadcast on Facebook Live on February 21, 2021, at 8pm ET. Click here for more details about the event, and be sure to invite others to view this special, historic event.

Calling All Scouts in the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts
Last Day for Submissions is February 15, 2021
The BSA is looking forward to celebrating the historic Inaugural Class of female Eagle Scouts. This once-in-a-lifetime milestone is the result of the countless journeys that make this celebration unique and inspirational.

Help us ensure every Scout in the Inaugural Class is recognized and celebrated! To make that possible, we are asking families to provide us with some details about their Scout’s journey that will be used to make a commemorative gift for the members of the Inaugural Class.
In addition to helping us ensure each member of the Inaugural Class is included in the commemorative package, sharing this information will also help us identify amazing stories to share within and beyond our Scouting family. Help us tell this amazing Scouting story!
Summit Bechtel Reserve Staff
If you've ever served as a Staffer at The Summit, whether as seasonal staff, OA staff, training staff, or on National or World Jamboree staff, YOU SHOULD JOIN THE Summit Bechtel Reserve Staff Association (SBRSA)! In addition to supporting the Summit in many ways, the SBRSA also encourages working at the Summit and provides scholarships to staffers in need. Go to http://sbrstaff.org/ website and review who we are and what we do.
Virtual Annual Scout Shabbat
The Scout Shabbat is held yearly to coincide with the Boy Scouts of America's founding date on February 26, 2021.

Please join us in celebrating Scouting's 105th anniversary with Scout Shabbat Services. The National Jewish Committee on Scouting (NJCOS) urges all Jewish Scouting youth to show pride in their faith by holding a Scout Shabbat service for their Unit, District, or Council.  Learn More
Scouts can Help Protect the Environment by Earning the New Environmental Protection Agency Award
To commemorate the agency’s 50th-anniversary last year, the Boy Scouts of America and EPA signed a memorandum of understanding to create a special award, encouraging those in the Scouts BSA program to strive to protect the environment. This award, which features a patch, requires Scouts to earn environmental and community health-focused merit badges and participate in a service project. Click here for more information.
It’s Scouts’ Honor to Forge On Despite Pandemic
‘‘Be Prepared” is the motto of the Boy Scouts. But how do you prepare and stay prepared in a COVID-19 pandemic that has been raging through the country since March? You improvise. When I think of Boy Scouts — full disclosure, I never made it past Cub Scouts, although I still have vivid memories — I think of being outdoors, hiking, doing adventurous things and being in a group called a troop. Boy Scout Troop 342 in South Pasadena is determined that it will not succumb after 94 years in existence. Read More
Diversity and Summer Camp
Attending Summer camp is a crucial part of a Scout’s time in the BSA Program. Scouts Learn many different things while attending camp. One of them being Diversity and working with others who have opinions different their own. As adults we know that Scouts are more alike than different, no matter their backgrounds. Camp is the place where we bring those diverse backgrounds together.
At camp, Staff and Scouts share their traditions, beliefs and ideals in a non judge mental and safe place. Camp celebrates differences and allows for a more deeper understanding for others. New friends are made at camp, sometimes from all around the world. Educating our youth to be more culturally sensitive and Learn to respect others can only bring our communities together. Click here to visit our camping webpages!
APRIL 29, 2021 7:00 TO 8:00 PM
More information to follow.
Calling all incoming freshmen for the 2021 School Year, are you looking for some cash to help ease those college expenses? Well, Bank of Hope has an opportunity for you as they have a limited number of $2,500.00 Scholarships for incoming freshman class in either a two or four-year institution, and individuals must meet the income restriction.

Click here for a complete list of the requirements as well as more detailed information. If you have more questions, please contact Mrs. Katie Hong from the bank of Hope at either 213-637-9549 or katieh.hong@bankofhope.com
Gathering of Eagles Event
(Thursday, March 4th at 5:00 to 6:00 PM)
As our society and economy rapidly changes, more people are starting their own companies and beginning the journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. On the road to success lay many pitfalls, and failure is common.

Join us as we talk with long-time Scouter Dave Berkus about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and financially independent. Discover strategies to maximize your success and find out what it really takes to start your own company. Read More
Working at Camp Provides You with the Opportunity To:
Live, play and work in the outdoors, go on active adventures daily, make new friends from all over the world and country, learn leadership skills, become a Child’s hero and of course many more things. Working at camp cultivates many things such as oral communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, collaborative skills, and most importantly creativity. Working at camp is a very unique experience, every day you will not only have fun, and learn real life skills but you will truly be making a difference. Read More
NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award-Deadline Extended
The GLAAC Eagle Scout Association Chapter is currently accepting nominations for the National Eagle Scout Association Outstanding Eagle Scout Award. This is a prestigious recognition granted by the local council's NESA committee to Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated outstanding achievement at the local, state, or regional level. The NOESA recognizes Eagle Scouts whose efforts have made a positive impact in the community.

To the extent possible, please complete sections 1, 2 and 4, provide a separate attachment describing the nominee’s professional, community and / or avocational achievements, and submit at least one paragraph summarizing why you consider the nominee to be outstanding and/or distinctive.

Click here for more information about the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award.
Click here for the nomination application and accompanying instructions and eligibility requirements.

Completed nomination applications should be emailed to cicily.gardea@scouting.org and must be received by March 1, 2021, to be considered. Alternatively, completed nomination applications may be mailed, to be received by March 1, 2021, to:
Cicily Gardea
Greater Los Angeles Area Council BSA
2333 Scouting Way
Los Angeles, CA 90026
NESA Scholarships Available
The National Eagle Scout Association has a number of scholarships available for Eagle Scouts, some in the thousands of dollars. If you know a Scout who has earned the rank of Eagle, you should show them this site of scholarship opportunities. Scholarships are awarded annually to an Eagle Scout who has shown academic performance, financial need, and active participation in school and Scouting activities. Learn More
Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award
The deadline is approaching!!! The Greater Los Angeles Area Council's Eagle Scout Association is seeking nominations from the Council's Eagle Scout Class of 2020 for the Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award. The award recognizes the Scout for his/her Eagle Scout service project, one of the requirements for earning the rank of Eagle Scout. Additionally, the Council will be awarding the Council’s Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award. 
Click here for more information about the NESA Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year. 

Click Here to download the nomination form. All nominations must be emailed to cicily.gardea@scouting.org on or before February 5, 2021.
Summer Camp is an Important Chapter in Child’s Time in Scouting.
Camp provides Scout’s with the opportunity to meet new people, meet those who are different than ones self, gain self confidence through activities, and most importantly have fun...

Scouts get to get outside and truly experience Scouting’s outdoor adventure programs. Summer Camp allows your child to develop independence, a child experiences time away from their parent possibly even for the first time. Read More
Woods Services Award Deadline Extended
The Woods Services Award is a national-level recognition for volunteer adults who provide outstanding service to Scouts with special needs. Nominees must be currently registered as a member of the Boy Scouts of America and have three or more years of service in any Scouting capacity related to Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and/or Venturers with disabilities. The application deadline has been extended to February 28, 2021. Download the application here.
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