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March 4, 2021 | Greater Los Angeles Area Council, BSA
Did You Miss the Historic Be the Change Event? Here’s How to Watch! 
Thousands have already watched the inspiring, historic event celebrating the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts. Click here to see the entire celebration.
Celebrate the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts! Read More
Final Call! - Camp Big Horn at Circle X Ranch is filling up quickly for the Summer of 2021! Our camp is nestled in the San Bernadino Mountain Range just above Lake Arrowhead, CA.

We have a brand new program in store for you! Learn More
APRIL 29, 2021 7:00 TO 8:00 PM
More information to follow.
Belcher Eagle Scout Scholarship
Each year the Greater Los Angeles Area Council awards up to three Belcher Scholarships to Eagle Scouts. The Donald D. and M. Marie Belcher Charitable Foundation has established a special scholarship fund for Eagle Scouts in our council who have plans to attend a four-year college or university following high school graduation.

The funding will be a 2-year $7,000 college scholarship awarded each year in the amount of $3,500 the first year, renewable for a second year, with at least 24 college credits completed and a college grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or above.
The New BSA Distinguished Conservation Program
Last fall we shared that the BSA Executive Board decided to change the name of the Hornaday Conservation Award Program. At around the same time, the long-time chair of the National Hornaday Conservation Committee retired.

It was decided that this would be a good time change the conservation award program. The program for Scouts already working on a Hornaday award is exactly the same as the old program, just with a new name. Read More
GLAAC will be hosting the first Scouting for Food Drive of 2021 on March 27, 2021. I am currently looking for hosts for this event. Hosts can be individual scout families, a pack, troop, crew, ship, or lodge that can host at their charter location (with COVID distancing in place). GLAAC would love to have representation from each district. The need is great & the more hosts we have, the better we can do! Please reach out to me at cissie.andrews@hotmail.com if you would like to host or participate. And, we love repeat hosts! Anyone who hosted in September, November or December knows what an awesome experience this is! Thanks to everyone’s generosity and support we collected over 29 tons of food, thousands of $$ in grocery store gift cards, toiletries, and clothes in 2020! It was a major success and scores of families benefitted. Please let me know if we can count on you again! Thank you!
Summer Camp is an Important Chapter in Child’s Time in Scouting.
Camp provides Scout’s with the opportunity to meet new people, meet those who are different than ones self, gain self confidence through activities, and most importantly have fun...

Scouts get to get outside and truly experience Scouting’s outdoor adventure programs. Summer Camp allows your child to develop independence, a child experiences time away from their parent possibly even for the first time. Read More
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