Weekly Scouter Update
July 15, 2020 | Greater Los Angeles Area Council, BSA
Greater Los Angeles Area Council Administrative Operations to be Centralized at Cushman Watt Scout Center
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused unimaginable havoc in the lives of our families, volunteers, professional staff, and community partners. It has disrupted our operations and has created a sense of uncertainty for our entire world. 

During this time, our council leaders have remained both optimistic and proactive about developing ways to deploy our resources and continue to provide serve our stakeholders. We also are committed to be the best possible stewards of our council’s physical resources in the hopes of leveraging their use towards creating sustainable and engaging programs and services.  Read More
Next July Camp Out In Place
Friday, July 24th to Saturday, July 25th.
Register Online Today!

Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you cannot camp out! Units plan your week-end camp out today. Patrols and dens should plan a meal for dinner and lunch, you should also plan some type of patrol or den activity!
July Cub Scout 31 Day Challenge
Though these challenging times, we want to continue to keep the Cub Scout Adventures going. So join us on the July 31 Day Cub Scouting Challenge!
We encourage you to join us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to view our Cub Scouting Videos. As you complete the challenges, please share with us your progress and projects.
Calling All Unit Leaders & Scouts Sign Up for Online Camp Card Sales NOW Before It’s Too Late! GREAT JOB to Wyatt Morimoto-Woo from Troop 7 in Pasadena who raised over $450 in online camp card sales by simply creating his own camp cards webpage (a 2-minute process) and promoting to friends and families through Facebook, Twitter, email and text.
2020 Popcorn Campaign
A special thanks to all the units and Scout families that participated in our annual popcorn fundraiser last year. The 2020 Popcorn Campaign is on its way! Let us know if your unit is selling this fall! To sign up  Click Here. If you already registered, Thank You! The Show & Sell Unit Orders will be due on August 24th by 9:00 p.m.
2021 National Jamboree - Postponed
It is with great disappointment to inform you that the 2021 National Jamboree has been postponed.

As a committed member of our staff, we wanted you to hear this news from us directly. We thank you for your cheerful service for being apart of the 2021 National Scout Jamboree. Read More
The Next Gathering of Eagles
 The Council's Eagle Scout Association will host a panel of Eagle Scouts who will share their insights in the legal profession.

After their presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions of these gentlemen. Unlike our previous GOEs, this one will be done virtually on Thursday, July 30th at 5:30 PM.   Learn More
Eagle Scout Rank Age Extensions
Some months ago, councils were given the temporary authority due to the current pandemic situation, through September 30, 2020, to grant Eagle age extensions for 3 months.These extensions could be granted only in situations where it can be established that COVID-19 disruptions were the only circumstances that delayed work on Eagle Scout/Summit/Quartermaster advancement requirements, such as the service project or merit badges. Extensions for Eagle are only granted to youth who have already achieved Life Rank. Read More
Operation Gratitude - Troop 342
Boy Scouts Write Letters to Those in Service. It started with the story in the Los Angeles Times on April 27, 2020, page B3, headlined “Valuable data in aircraft carrier outbreak.” We – the Scouts and Parents of BSA Troop 342 – all read it, how the personnel of the USS Theodore Roosevelt were stuck on their ship, docked in Guam, because of the coronavirus.  Read More
Western Region Venturers,
First, I hope all of you had good endings to your school semesters! I know the transition to Zoom classes, online lectures and homework, and even virtual graduations for some of us were unconventional to say the least.

It is sure a year we will never forget. In any case, it’s now summer break.  Read More
Scouts Start Their Own Business
Two Scouts from Pacifica's Troop 860, Eagle Scout, Jonathan Graves, and Life Scout, Jack Crawford, were featured in a great article in DIGMB. "The trio of Jack Crawford, Adam Goldstein, and Jonathan Graves decided they wanted to start a summer business to stay productive during the quarantine. They came up with the idea of starting a citrus business - picking fruit from Graves' family's ranch - and selling it to local customers.  Read More
Virtual Summer Camps
This summer, the adventure continues. Families in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA and Venturing can participate in one (or more!) virtual summer camp experiences. 
With so many typical summer activities on hold or canceled, families are looking for ways to keep their Scouts engaged in fun, rewarding and (shhh!) even educational experiences all summer long.
Thankfully, BSA local council camps are stepping up in a big way. Read More
Weekly Scouter Update
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