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Voting Package Passes in Assembly
This week the state Assembly passed a small package of voting reforms. The package included early voting, no-excuse absentee voting, electronic registration, and closing the LLC loophole (technically a campaign finance issue). We were very excited to see bi-partisan support from the Assembly on no-excuse absentee voting. This reform would amend the Constitution to remove the requirement of an "excuse" to vote via absentee. Constitutional amendments require passage during two legislative sessions with a state-wide election in-between. This year would be the ideal year to pass this amendment.
Many Assembly Republicans likened absentee voting to early voting which we don't necessarily agree with but we were happy to see so many of them vote in favor of the bill! You can read more about the Assembly's package here.
execExecutive Order Restoring Parolees' Voting Rights
We were very excited this week when Governor Cuomo announced he was issuing an executive order to restore parolee's right to vote. It was only within the last month that the State League Board accepted a recommendation by the Issues Committee to support this reform. Up until this point, we did not believe that the National position on voting rights covered restoring parolees' right to vote. We reviewed the position again after being asked about our position by several Local Leagues and other good-government organizations. We found that several other states supported this reform and we were able to approve our own support in March.
The executive order will allow the Governor to "pardon" all parolees so that their right to vote will be restored. Although we are pleased the Governor has taken the lead on this reform, we have many concerns over the actual roll out. There are no clear guidelines as to how or when the Governor will sign these commutations. There are also no clear deadlines as to when parolees' voting right will actually be restored. We are fearful that there will not be an adequate mechanism in place to alert parolees when their right has been restored. A lag between the time in which the commutation is signed and a parolee re-registered has the potential to prevent some parolees from exercising their opportunity to vote.
Next week, the Assembly Elections Committee will be taking up legislation that would amend election law to allow parolees to regain their right to vote immediately after serving their sentence. This bill will ensure that parolees are re-registered immediately and that they are informed their voting right has been restored in a timely manner. We will support this legislation and urge its passage.

Upcoming Events:

WomensMarchLWV Lobby Day: April 24th
We have scheduled our annual lobby day for Tuesday, April 24th. Lobby day is an opportunity for members to meet with their legislators in Albany. We will have presentations from our Issues Specialist and Legislative Director. If you are interested in attending sign up here!

Aidindie Medical Aid in Dying Lobby Day: April 23rd
Last month the State Board approved our position to support Medical Aid in Dying (also known as Death with Dignity) in New York State. You can read the adopted position here.
Those interested in taking action on this position can join Compassion and Choices lobby day in Albany on April 23rd. You can find more information about their advocacy day here.

grassLetNYVote Grassroots Meeting in Albany: April 28th
Voting reform advocates from across New York State came together in Albany in December 2017 and formed the Let NY Vote group. On Saturday, April 28th, they will be holding their second grassroots meeting in Albany to work on their campaign and plan for the coming months. You can find out more and register here.

NewsLegislative News:
SessionCalendarWeekly Session Calendar:

Monday, April 23rd
-Assembly Session @ 2:00 pm watch live
- Senate Session @ 3:00 pm watch live
Compassion Choices Lobby Day
Hearing on Medical Aid in Dying. 10:00 am, Hearing Room B. Livestream here

Tuesday, April 24th
-Assembly Session @ 2:00 pm watch live
- Senate Session @ 3:00 pm watch live
Assembly Ways and Means Committee, 1:45 pm, 342 CAP. Agenda  here
Assembly Health Committee, 1:00 pm, 823 LOB. Agenda here
Assembly Election Law Committee, OTF. Agenda here
Bills of Interest: A.5367 An act to amend the election law and the correction law, in relation to voting by convicted felons
A.9609 An act to amend the election law, in relation to voter pre-registration

Wednesday, April 25th
-Assembly Session @ 12:00 pm watch live
- Senate Session @ 11:00 am watch live

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