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News Bulletin:

first Percoco Jury Reaches Verdict
On Tuesday, the jury deciding the fate of former top-aide to Governor Cuomo, Joseph Percoco, finally reached an agreement. Percoco was found guilty guilty of two counts of conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud and one count of solicitation of bribes or gratuities.
The League and our good government allies quickly released a statement calling on the legislature and Governor to pass real ethics reforms including pay-to-play restrictions, closure of the LLC loophole, and the creation of a public database of state contracting deals. You can read our full statement here.
rhaAssembly Passes Reproductive Health Legislation
On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood held their annual day of action. Although the snow prevented some affiliates from attending, they still had a wonderful turnout and a great lineup of speakers.
Following the rally, the Assembly took up two bills related to reproductive health care. The Reproductive Health Act and Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act are two bills which would ensure a woman's right to choose and access to contraception in New York State. The League supports both of these bills and we were very pleased to see them pass. These bills will still have to pass in the Senate.

secJoin Us: Call on Status of Early Voting in State Budget
Join us for a member-wide call on Tuesday, March 20th at 7:00 pm to discuss the current state of early voting in the state budget.

The two houses have released their budget proposals for 2018. While the Assembly included funding for early voting, their proposal only allows for 8 days of early voting. The Senate has not included any language to allow for early voting nor have they included funding.
Call in on Tuesday for an update on the proposals and to find out how you can help us advance this priority voting reform in our state budget
Call In: (800) 220-9875
Code: 24883385
Upcoming Events:

WomensMarchLWV Lobby Day: April 24th
We have scheduled our annual lobby day for Tuesday, April 24th. Lobby day is an opportunity for members to meet with their legislators in Albany. We will have presentations from our Issues Specialist and Legislative Director. If you are interested in attending sign up here!

PPPLLetNYVote Rally for Early Voting in NYC: March 18th
Our LetNYVote coalition partners are planning a rally in NYC to advocate for early voting. They are hoping to have a great line up of speakers and to turnout a huge crowd.
You can find more information about the rally and register here
Solidarity actions are also being planned in other parts of the state. Follow the League on Twitter and Facebook to stay informed about other actions for March 18th in NY.
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SessionCalendarWeekly Session Calendar:

Monday, March 19th
-Assembly Session @ 2:00 pm watch live
- Senate Session @ 3:00 pm watch live

Tuesday, March 20th
-Assembly Session @ 2:00 pm watch live
- Senate Session @ 3:00 pm watch live
Planned Parenthood Lobby Day. Register here.

Wednesday, March 21st
-Assembly Session @ 2:00 pm watch live
- Senate Session @ 3:00 pm watch live

Thursday, March 22nd
-Assembly Session @ 10:00 am watch live
- Senate Session @ 11:00 am watch live

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