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- State of the State: Our Take
- Press Conference: Restore Public Trust
- League's Legislative Agenda
- LetNYVote Rally
- League in the News
- Weekly Session Calendar
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State of The State: Our Take
 We're sad to say we were disappointed in this year's State of the State address. Although the Governor gave an impassioned speech challenging racism, sexism, and federal reforms, his proposals on ethics and voting reforms, however, were lackluster.

Immediately after the address, we issued a statement criticizing the short amount of time he spent discussing ethics and voting. You can read our full statement here.

Later in the day he released his full budget briefing book. The ethics, campaign finance, and voting proposals are almost entirely the same as last year's proposals. You can read all the proposals for yourself here.

Press Conference: Restore Public Trust Campaign
Our press conference, on Thursday, on ethics reforms was a success. We were featured alongside our good government partners in many local and statewide news outlets. Scroll down to "League in the News" to see more.

League's Legislative Agenda
Our Legislative Agenda for 2018 is finally complete! Hard copies will be printed asap. Call or email the League office to request copies.
You can find the PDF here 

  Voting Reform Rally: January 23rd
Don't forget to register for the LetNYVote Rally on January 23rd in Albany!
You can register here. If you do register, please let us know so we can keep track of League members and make sure you get a lobby visit!
League in the News:
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Weekly Session Calendar:

Monday, January 8th
-Assembly Session @ 2:00 pm watch live
- Senate Session @ 3:00 pm watch live

Tuesday, January 9th
-Assembly Session @ 10:00 am watch live
- Senate Session @ 11:00 am watch live
There will be several Senate Committee meetings next week. Unfortunately, these committee agendas have not yet been released publically. We have had a chance to review the bills and there are no bills of League interest. In the future we will include committee agenda links and any bills the League is monitoring in those committees. The Assembly has not announced any committees for next week.

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