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Guidance Race Policy
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Attorney General Holder Announces New Guidance To Curb Profiling 


On Monday, December 8th, Attorney General Eric Holder announced new steps the Department of Justice will take to curb profiling by federal law enforcement agencies. The new policy also applies to state and local law enforcement officers when they are involved with federal law enforcement task forces.


In the Executive Summary, the Department of Justice states, "Biased practices, as the Federal government has long recognized, are unfair, promote mistrust of law enforcement, and perpetuate negative and harmful stereotypes. Moreover-and vitally important-biased practices are ineffective...Biased law enforcement practices, as the 2003 Guidance recognized with regard to racial profiling, have a terrible cost, not only for individuals but also for the Nation as a whole. This new Guidance reflects the Federal government's ongoing commitment to keeping the Nation safe while upholding our dedication to the ideal of equal justice under the law."   


The National Center has compiled resources on building and maintaining successful community relations, a critical component of strengthening trust in law enforcement and creating positive partnerships between law enforcement and the communities they serve.
Season of Safety
Holiday Safety Tips 

Crimes such as robberies, burglaries, and thefts typically increase during the holiday season. With holiday travel, shopping and preparations more people are out and about and they tend to be carrying more money and valuables than during other times of the year. It's important to be mindful of safety during these busy times and to take the steps we can to make ourselves less vulnerable to crime.


Precautions can be taken to increase personal safety such as walking with others whenever possible, being aware of your surroundings at all times, traveling in well-lit and populated areas, refraining from texting or talking on the phone while walking, keeping cash and valuables hidden while on the street, refraining from using ear buds or headphones and trusting your instincts. These precautions, while always important and highly recommended, become even more critical when there are fewer people on campus, such as during a holiday recess. Campus personnel can notify faculty and students of the services, such as shuttles, door-to-door safe rides and security escorts, that will remain available during the recess to assist individuals in making safe plans. Those people leaving for the winter recess should lock their rooms, offices and windows and either take computers and electronics with them or secure these devices in their rooms prior to leaving.


We have compiled holiday safety tips to assist your students, faculty and staff in safeguarding their property and keeping themselves safe, whether traveling or remaining on campus throughout the recess period. Please visit our website for safety tips to use for your room, office and home; while driving and in parking areas; at the ATM; while you're out or shopping; and when there's a stranger at your door. 
Professional Development Opportunities


Title: Ebola 101: Accessing Federal Guidance and Information

Host: US Health Resources and Services Administration    

Dates: December 11, 2014  

Location: Online  

Fee: Free
Information and Registration

Title: Law Enforcement Legal Refresher Training

Host: Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers 

Dates: December 16, 2014  

Location: Online

Fee: Free
Information and Registration

Title: 2015 NASPA Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Conference

Host: NASPA  

Dates: January 11-13, 2015 (registration deadline December 15)   

Location: National Harbor, MD  

Fee: Registration Fee
Information and Registration
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