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National Campus Safety Awareness Month is Here!

September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month (NCSAM)! Join the Clery Center for a month of turning knowledge into action through the "Know More, Do More" campaign. Signing in will give you access to the NCSAM Roadmap where you can arm yourself with 'the knowledge to help a student, a colleague, or a friend."  You will also find information on actions you can take to "Do More" to protect your campus community.
Some of the many resources you will find off of the Roadmap include:
  • We Don't Haze is a free documentary that aims to educate campus community members on definitions and examples of hazing and realistic alternative solutions that accomplish the goals of team-building and unity.
  • Clery Center's Campus Security Authority Training Video to train CSAs on their roles and responsibilities under the Clery Act.
  • Men Can Stop Rape free handouts on topics such as rape as a men's issue, defining the rules between sex and rape, and athletes as men of strength.
Tune in for even more  free webinars, and keep your campus informed with daily social media posts using #NCSAM2015. Registering will also give you access to The NCSAM 2015 Social Media Guide, which provides resources to share with followers to build knowledge and increase conversations on your campus.
All participants will be able to access the information and resources both during September and throughout the remainder of the year.  Register here to join.
Management Tools for Student Parties
Party Patrols Best Practices
Click image to access the Party Patrols document (PDF).

Across the country over 20 million students are returning to their campuses to pursue either undergraduate or post-baccalaureate degrees. However, the student experience doesn't just play out in the classroom, and for the majority of college students, socializing is a popular extracurricular activity. Many institutions are being creative with environmental management strategies to reduce high-risk and underage drinking.
Party Patrols: Best Practice Guidelines for College Communities (PDF), is a rich resource that takes a comprehensive look at some of the most effective approaches to patrolling parties. "This guide covers six basic components that together will maximize the chances of having success with party patrols:"
  • Effective legal tools
  • Messaging and visibility
  • Party prevention and education
  • Early intervention
  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Enforcement strategies 
Other party management tools, such as party registrations, have had success at campus communities across the country as well. Colorado State's 2014-2015 Party Registration Program (PDF) is a, "cooperative effort between Colorado State University (CSU) and the City of Fort Collins (City) to reduce the negative consequences of excessive noise often associated with parties in residential neighborhoods."
In the case of Colorado State, party registration must take place in-person, but other IHEs have digitized the registration process and use the internet to advertise the program. Vanderbilt, for example, produced a short video explaining their process for on-campus party registration and how the registration can be completed online.

How an institution manages its party environment affects external community relationships. This July Weekly Snapshot  article highlights the efforts of the Virginia Commonwealth University Police Department in managing external relationships and off-campus conduct.
Properly confronting problem parties on and off campus can be a complex venture. However, there are various community success stories utilizing strategies that protect communities, improve relations with campus neighbors and partners, and mitigate institutional risk.
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Professional Development Opportunities

Title: Recognizing & Preventing Hazing
Host: Clery Center for Security on Campus
Date: September 17, 2015 at 2:00pm Eastern
Location: Online
Fee: Free
Title: Training Students on Relationship Violence Prevention: An Overview of the Escalation Workshop
Host: Clery Center for Security On Campus
Date: September 22, 2015 at 1:00pm Eastern
Location: Online
Fee: Free
Title:  Clery Act & Primary Prevention
Host: Clery Center for Security On Campus
Date: September 29, 2015 at 1:00pm Eastern
Location: Online
Fee: Free
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