Weekly Seal Squeal
The Week of June 1st
Dear Seal Beach Friends and Family:
I like many of you, watched over the weekend in shock as our brother and sister communities in Southern California and across the United States were ravaged. Many businesses had just been allowed to open after closing their doors to keep the community safer during the COVID peak contagion period. We mourn with the rest of the world the senseless death of one of our fellow Americans, George Floyd. We hear the boiled over frustrations of a disenfranchised society as well as the cries of despair from business owners that have served and sacrificed for neighborhoods they chose to live and serve within.  
It’s comforting to be in a proactive community like Seal Beach, that goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and wellbeing. I’m happy to verify that per the Seal Beach Police Department, there was no looting in any of establishments.  We continue to work with our Chief of Police in conjunction with City Hall and our City Council who are pro-actively monitoring our neighboring communities for anything that may affect Seal Beach. 
Just as COVID gave us all an opportunity to take a moment to reflect on what is truly important to us, what happened with George Floyd and the aftermath also gives us an opportunity to be better. As our retail stores begin to open for shopping and our beloved restaurants begin dine-in service and our barber-shops and hair salons open for business, we continue to band together and support them in their recovery, we can and will be better, together. There are amazing things happening all around us, there are many stories of police officers embracing protesters in their shared mourning of this tragic situation. We feature our own “hometown heroes” on the Weekly Squeal to highlight the amazing things in our community. 
Over the weekend, one of my favorite alumni choir students (I was a proud choir mom for the Grand National Champions Los Alamitos High School Choir for 11 years) Taylor Fagins, wrote, produced and performed this amazing tribute to George Floyd. It broke my heart with it’s ability to articulate the world’s pain right now. He is my hero for a myriad of reasons, this song, being only one of them #WeNeedMore 

This week's hometown hero is Grant Tavasci! Grant is the Public Works Account Clerk for the City of Seal Beach. Grant Tavasci joined the City’s Public Works Department team over 11 years ago and continues to show his passion for the community he serves on a daily basis by going above and beyond. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Grant has worked closely with the Recreation Department to assist in the delivery of meals to Seal Beach's senior population in need.  
In addition, throughout the pandemic, Grant has been instrumental in the development and production of many of the COVID-19 informational signs that have been placed throughout the City's public spaces and beaches, which served to educate the public on social distancing and facility guidelines. Grant is an exceptional employee who continues to add value to our City Hall team and we are grateful for his commitment and dedication to the Seal Beach community.
Grant is always going above and beyond for the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce. Whether, its lending a hand at one of our events or helping with the banner permits, you can always count to see Grant there! To add to the excitement, you might think you see Grant at two places at once, Grant has a twin brother that works at the Seal Beach Police Station as well. So next time your at City Hall please stop and say HI to Grant our Hometown Hero!
Our Restaurants and Retail Shops can't wait see you in person!
Governor approves Orange County reopening May 23, 2020
  • Restaurants (in-person dining with reservations)
  • Retail (in-store shopping as well as curb-side)
  • Manufacturing (see city website for further clarification)
  • Offices where tele-commuting is unavailable
  • Outdoor museums
  • Limited Personal Services (Gyms, nail & hair salons in Phase 3)

OC Health Order (**NEW**) require:
  • You can still expect all customer facing employees to be in masks and gloves but now
  •  All persons are to wear face coverings when in public
  • Mandates self-isolation for all those with COVID-19 & self- quarantine (for entire 14 day period) for all those who have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Businesses have to implement disinfecting protocols & physical-distancing guidelines
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