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Dear PCUM family,

These short, well-timed quotes from Anne Lamott come from an October 18, 2021 Time.com interview, “Anne Lamott’s Advice Could Save You From Drowning in Cynicism” and include thoughts from recent book of essays, Dusk, Night Dawn: On Revival and Courage:

“Where can we hear any whispers in the cacophony, behind the drama and trauma and fever dreams of our era? With our phones to our ears, life and our minds frequently feel like casinos now. There is no sun, no pocket of quiet, there don’t seem to be exits, and the reception is terrible. Connection to anything real, to the ancient, to the mystical, to the moment, is weak, so there is bound to be existential exhaustion.”

“[So] Do loving things. You want to change your whole day? Just for the next few hours, if you’re in traffic, let other people go first. Stop what you were about to do, and let other people go first.

The restoration, both of our own selves and our community, it’s grassroots, it’s small things, it’s like Mother Teresa said: ‘No one can do great things, but each of us can do small things with great love.’”

In Christ,

Pastor Greg

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