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A Prayer for the Ukrainian people and All Caught in War

(adapted from a prayer by the United Presbyterian Church of Canada)


God of the Powers, and

Maker of all creation;

God of justice,

Lover and Maker of peace:

We are devastated by the violence and the threats of violence

in this world,

on subway platforms and behind closed doors and on the streets of our own nation--

and especially now

by acts of war and brutality experienced by the Ukrainian people. 

In solidarity with them, as brothers and sisters in the human family,

we pray for

every Ukrainian who worries about surviving today; 

for those who will not survive this invasion;

for those who will survive and be forever changed by the trauma of war;

for Russian soldiers who will face the prospect of bloodshed

while powerful leaders far away make decisions that have consequences.

Surround them with your Presence, O God.


And we pray for all those everywhere

who are suffering and in danger,

who live in fear and anxiety,

who fear what tomorrow will bring,

who are anxious for their lives and the lives of those they love and care for, and

who mourn the dead.

Surround them with your Presence, O God.


We pray, Lord of New Life, that

those with power over war and people's fates

will lay down weapons, and that

your Holy Spirit will move in the hearts of

those with power to have wisdom and compassion

and to accomplish peace.

Surround them with your Presence, O God.

Giver of Grace, Giver of Life,

send your Comforter, the Spirit of Truth,

who is everywhere present and fills all things,

to comfort and heal body and mind,

to sustain the hope of all those who seek peace


to inspire the leaders of nations to do what is right.


Glory to you, O God,

Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit,

now and forever;

in the strong and gentle name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, we pray.


In Christ's peace,

Pastor Greg

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