February 25, 2021
Holy Communion will be offered at both the 8:00 am and 10:00 service.
Seating is available on a first come first serve basis.
Masks are required indoors - please wear the mask over your mouth and nose.
The service will be about 45 minutes.
Communion bread will be offered outdoors.

Drive-in Church - drive up, tune your radio to 107.5 FM
Walk-up Church - bring a chair/bike/beach blanket, stay six feet from your neighbor in our garden and grassy area, and listen to the service live.
Live-stream - go to,  click on the "All Angels Enter Here" picture and you will be routed to our YouTube channel.
Zoom - go to and watch and listen live. Be sure to stick around after the service for our coffee hour chat-with-your-neighbor time. 

The 10 am service will begin with the lighting of the altar candles. If you are participating at home, you are invited to light a candle with us to create a sacred space of worship at home. 

The bulletin can be found on the All Angels Website:
or at the following link: Bulletin for Sunday, February 28
Scripture Readings, February 28

Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16
Psalm 22:26-30
Romans 4:1-3, 13-25
Mark 8:34-38

Last Sunday's Service
Book Study: Proof of Heaven
Happy March Birthday!

2 Betsy Marx
5 Justus Doenecke
6 Courtney Blackman
10 Cade Sibley
16 Elijah Marshall
21 Jennifer Whitehead
27 Bob Erker
29 Bill Dobbling
29 Nancy Bremble
Happy March Anniversary!

19 Tom & Pam Blanton
21 Justus & Carol Doenecke
24 David & Sheila Eiss
Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer invites you to pray with them, every day,
at 8 am, wherever you are. When you enter into prayer at 8 am (Eastern), you will know that others are praying at the same time. 
Prayers for our People
We pray for those who are sick, those who suffer; we pray for all who protect us both here and abroad, and for those on our prayer list; especially, Downs IV, Holden, Brian and Robert.
Grant healing and recovery for all who have gone through surgery. Give peace and strength for those going through cancer treatments, especially Victoria, Andres, Alex, Colleen, Jack, Connie, John, Douglas and Tom. Visit and comfort all who are under the care of skilled nursing, especially Bob, Timothy, Don, Barbara and Mike. Be near to all who are in hospice care. 
All Angels Annual Meeting Recap
All Angels had our Annual Meeting this past Sunday on both Zoom and in person. Cathie Wilt and Sandy Wood were elected to serve on the Vestry for a second three-year term. Hank Kochan was elected to Vestry for a three-year term. Barbara Pickrell was elected to Vestry to fill a vacant, one-year term. Elected as delegates to the Diocesan Convention in October are Joan Sherry, Scott Wuesthoff and Bob Erker; with Carol Erker as an alternate. The Annual Meeting also voted to approve the 2021 budget. It was announced that Cathie Wilt will be Senior Warden.
At our Vestry meeting on Wednesday, Ed Ortiz was elected as Junior Warden, Laurel Phillips was elected as Secretary, and Sandy Wood was elected as Treasurer. 
The Senior and Junior Wardens and the Treasurer now have All Angels email addresses which are as follows:

Lenten Book Study
Fr. Dave will be offering two different studies — a weekly meditation on the stations of the cross based on the book Walking the Way of Sorrows by Katerina Whitley and a weekly Zoom book study of Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D.
Organ Concerts

Join us every Thursday at 11:00 am for our Organ Concert in the Park
Art Gallery
Sunday is the LAST DAY to purchase your Art in the Gallery. Many prices have been reduced up to 50%. A Big Thank you to all who participated, either in donating or in purchasing the wonderful Art. This has been an awesome event Thanks to our wonderful parishioners! As of Today we have raised $900 for Outreach.  
Our artist for the month of March will be Rene Fletcher.
Discussion Groups
We got pretty good at learning how to live during a pandemic. The question is, do we know how to come out of it? When will we know it is over and is safe? Unlike a truce at the end of a war that signals an effective end to fighting, it sounds like this pandemic will not have a ceasefire. So when will you know it is safe to come out? What sort of metrics do you have to feel safe traveling again, or seeing family, having fellowship at church, or even going out to dinner and a show? 
The reading this week addresses this central question. How well it addresses the question, and what you do with it, well, that will be something to discuss.

The zoom link is as follows:
Thank You of the Week
Thank you to Bob Erker for his service as Senior Warden. 
Online Giving
If you would like to give to the offering plate electronically, you can find the online giving link on our All Angels website by clicking the link below:

In October, 2020, at the 52nd Convention of the Diocese of Southwest Florida, Bishop Dabney Smith told the lay and clergy delegates that he was retiring and therefore calling for the election of a successor bishop. I will have a front row seat to the process of electing a new bishop, which includes studying the diocese, screening and selecting candidates, and ultimately electing a Bishop Coadjutor, because I have been elected to the Bishop Search Committee (BSC). Our first retreat is this weekend. The election date for the new bishop will be April 2, 2022. The BSC has between this weekend, and April next year, to get our work done.

If you are into numbers, here they are: The Diocese is 52 years old, Bishop Smith is our 5th bishop, he was elected in December 2006, consecrated in March of 2007, was “seated” six months later, and has served for 14 years. The average length of an episcopate (serving as diocesan bishop) is 8.9 years. The bishop must retire before, or within 90-days after, turning 72. The average age of retirement is 66. By the 2nd century, three orders of ordained ministry had been identified: bishops, deacons and priests; with priests being the last order to be created. The Episcopal Church believes our bishops stand in an unbroken line going back 21 centuries to the Apostles; this line is called Apostolic Succession. 

Bishop Smith said the bishop search will be a time of renewal for the diocese. Like a parish going through a clergy transition, the diocese will determine who we are and, perhaps more importantly, how we see ourselves ten years from now. I have been told by those who have served on parish or diocesan search committees, it is a time of renewal for those who serve. I have also been told that on one hand, I get to experience the mysteries of the Holy Church of God and, on the other hand, I’ll see how the sausage is made.

There are a number of things that have the highest level of confidentiality within the process and a number of things that will be, more or less, shouted from the rooftops; in a reserved and contemplative Episcopal manner. It is my desire to share with you those things that I can about the process.

I can understand why someone would want to be a U.S. Senator. It’s prestigious, one gets to travel the state and represent its interests, as well as negotiate treaties and vote on Supreme Court nominees. It would be pretty cool. On the other hand, I, for the life of me, cannot understand why someone would willingly run for the office of President. My bias heading into the BSC is this: being a rector is a wonderful position – he or she gets to make an impact in the lives of the congregants and the community, and, gets to serve at the altar of God. Why would someone want to give that up to then deal with all the other things (the sausage making) of the Church. I suppose that over the next year, I’ll be in very close contact with people who feel called to do just that. May God help them, and our diocese, as we go through this time of renewal and new life.

-Fr. Dave
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