WEEK OF 1/27/17

Speed Table Update: The next areas scheduled for permanent speed table installations include SW 94th Avenue and SW 148th Street. In addition, temporary speed tables will be installed throughout the village in the coming weeks. More details to come. 

Comprehensive Traffic Calming Study Update: Traffic counters for District 3 were installed this week and they will collect traffic data until they are removed the week of January 31.  

MDC To Provide Public Notice When Removing Traffic Control Devices From County Roads : In 2016, the Palmetto Bay Village Council passed a resolution requesting that the County provide 60 day notice to the Village and its residents regarding the removal traffic control devices following the removal of the northbound/southbound stop signs at the intersection of SW 148th Drive and 82nd Avenue without the Village Council's knowledge after Miami-Dade County determined that they did not comply with Federal and County policies.

After much community input, our County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava passed a resolution directing Mayor Gimenez or his designee to develop a plan to provide reasonable public notice prior to the removal of traffic control devices from County roads. Click here to see the resolution.

Update on Miami-Dade County's Pilot Project for Intersection of Old Cutler Road & SW 136 Street:  Beginning January 31st, the Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works is rolling out a pilot test project to temporarily restrict northbound left turns at the intersection of Old Cutler Road and SW 136 Street.  This test project will provide Miami-Dade County and the Village of Palmetto Bay with valuable information to ease traffic flow in this area. 

The Village re-installed temporary speed humps on Farmer Road between SW 136 Street and Old Cutler Road on Friday, Jan. 27 and will remain in place on Farmer Road through the 90 period of the pilot project. This is expected to lessen the traffic impact on Farmer Road during the pilot project to restrict northbound left turns at the intersection of Old Cutler Road and SW 136 Street. 

Please click here to read the press release.