The first traffic calming project was approved on August 3, 2016 by the Village Council during a Special Council Meeting.  Resolution 2016-60 approves a contract with Williams Paving Company to install multiple, permanent asphaltic speed tables in the area south of SW 168th, north of SW 180th Street from 87th Court to SW 84th Avenue on SW 174th Street, SW 84th Avenue, SW 86th Avenue, and SW 87th Court with construction set to begin in September pending neighborhood approval. 

In order to proceed with construction and the installation of the speed tables, the Village needs 100% approval from the homes adjacent to the proposed placement of the speed tables and 50% approval of the homes within 200 feet of the proposed placement. Currently, for the area stated above, we have:

On 84th Avenue, 3 of the proposed locations have been approved by 78% of the neighbors with 1 final location pending. There are 2 proposed speed tables for 86th Avenue; at this time, only 1 location has been approved by the 67% of the neighbors. On 87th Court, 88% of the neighbors have approved 2 of the 4 locations and 1 proposed speed table location for 174th Street has been approved by 69% of the neighbors with 2 pending.

After speaking with Williams Paving Company, construction for all of the approved locations is set to begin next week.

Please continue to keep an eye out for our weekly traffic calming updates! If you have any further questions, please contact Village Hall by dialing 305-259-1234.