WEEK OF 5/5/17

Traffic Calming and Redirection Plan: Following the completion of our three district-specific public traffic meetings held in April, Village Administration has met with the Village's traffic engineering firm, Marlin Engineering, to review the data collected from the additional traffic counters that were installed throughout the Village. During the public traffic meetings, residents identified other areas of concern that did not originally get counted. The locations of these additional traffic counters can be found on page 4 of this report

Once the data for the additional areas has been collected and reviewed with performance goals in place, the next step is to develop the preliminary recommendations which will be discussed with the county to see if they meet their requirement for approval. The findings and final recommendations approved by the county will then be shared with the Village Council and the residents. The projects will be prioritized and the timelines and funding options will be finalized during the budget process which takes place during the summer months.