WEEK OF 4/21/17

Traffic Calming and Redirection Plan: The public outreach phase of the plan has now come to a close. We would like to thank all of our residents who participated in our three district-specific public traffic meetings. In these meetings, residents had the opportunity to hear presentations from our traffic engineer, Marlin Engineering, informing them of the streets within their district that meet the requirements for traffic calming projects. Residents also discussed additional areas of concern, which are already being analyzed by the traffic engineer.  Click on the following links to learn more about the presentations for District 3, District 2, & District 1.    

Once the data for the additional areas has been collected and reviewed, the step that follows is to identify performance goals for the streets in critical need of traffic calming improvements and develop the preliminary recommendations.  These recommendations are then discussed with the county to determine whether they meet the county’s requirements for final approval. Finally, the findings and final recommendations approved by the county are shared with the Village Council and the residents. This final phase is expected to last approximately six weeks from start to finish. Later this Summer, during the budget process, the projects will be prioritized and the timelines and funding options will be finalized.  

We will continue to provide more updates as we move closer to the completion of the plan.

Town Hall Meeting with County Chairman Esteban L. Bovo: On Thursday, April 20, Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) Chairman Esteban L. Bovo, Jr., (County Commission, District 13) hosted a Town Hall Meeting to discuss mass transit in the South Dade community.  

County Commission Chairman Bovo addressed the packed Council Chambers filled with South Dade residents about the SMART plan, which proposes to build 6 new rail corridors in the county, including the South Corridor. During the discussion, Chairman Bovo acknowledged autonomous vehicles but says they won't solve the immediate mobility problems for the masses and reemphasized our need for grounded innovation. The Chairman also urged the community to demand mass transit from all levels of government and cited places like Washington DC where the rail system has quickly grown and now even reaches the suburbs, partly due to its very vocal community. If you did not have the opportunity to be at the Town Hall, you can watch the presentation on WBAY or online from our on-demand video library available from the Village’s website.