WEEK OF 10/28/16

Palmetto Bay Gets Local:  Palmetto Bay officials have been meeting with residents and homeowner groups to discuss potential traffic calming projects in their neighborhoods.  So far, the Village has met with neighbors in the Mangowood area, the residential area around SW 83rd Avenue and the ACRES homeowners group.  
Some of the ideas discussed included an enhanced crosswalk for the intersection at SW 82nd Avenue and 148th Drive, a new boulevard design for SW 168th Street along with other traffic-calming ideas like speed tables.  These projects and ideas will first be brought before the Village Council during a public meeting for Council review and approval.

And speaking of speed tables, the Village Council will be considering a resolution at its November Council meeting to approve new speed tables for SW 162nd Street, SW 176th Street and SW 157th Terrace.  The meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 7th at Village Hall, 7 pm.