WEEK OF 12/30/16

Speed Tables:  No construction work relating to speed table infrastructure improvements will take place until after the new year.  

Removal of Four-Way Stop at Intersection of SW 148 Drive & 82 Ave: Earlier this year, Miami-Dade County removed the northbound/southbound stop signs at the intersection of SW 148th Drive and 82nd Avenue without the Village Council's knowledge after determining that they did not comply with Federal and County policies. Following the removal of the stop signs, the intersection was controlled by a two-way stop for the eastbound and westbound SW 148th Drive approaches. 

Immediate action was taken by the Village Council and Village Administration to implement a temporary crosswalk at the intersection to continue to ensure the safety of our residents. Village Council passed Resolution 2016-88 requesting that Miami-Dade County re-establish the four-way stop signs at the intersection in question.

The intersection was then re-evaluated by the County after the removal of the all-way stop signs (four-way stop) and the subsequent installation of the north & south leg crosswalks performed by the Village. 

After conducting the final analysis, Miami-Dade County has determined that based on the volume thresholds, all-way stop control (four-way stop) is not warranted at this intersection. According to the memorandum issued by Miami-Dade County, "the existing traffic volume and safety analysis do not warrant an 'All-Way' stop traffic control at the intersection of SW 82 Avenue and SW 148 Drive. Traffic is unbalanced between the major north/south directions (SW 82 Avenue) and the east/west side street (SW 148 Drive) in which the minor street did not meet the volume requirement, and no relevant accidents were reported.

The recorded 85th percentile speed is less than the posted 30 mph, pedestrian volumes were minimal, and no visual obstructions were noticed. Therefore, Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) does not recommend the installation of 'All-Way' stop controls at this location."

Please click here to view the memo in its entirety.

Traffic Calming Plan: A resolution was passed at the December 19 Special Council Meeting authorizing the Village Managers to execute a traffic redirection pilot program for the areas of:
  • SW 83 Avenue between SW 168 Street and SW 165 Terrace
  • SW 82 Court between SW 168 Street and SW 165 Terrace
  • SW 165 Terrace between SW 82nd Avenue and SW 84 Avenue
The execution of a pilot program for these areas supports Resolution No. 2016-94, adopted by the Village Council back in September, which calls for permanent traffic redirection in the above named areas. Wicket type redirection devices (as similarly installed on SW 156th Street and Old Cutler Road and pictured above) will be installed in accordance with the plan that has been discussed with the affected residents.

Please click here to view last week's Traffic Calming Update where the specific location and purpose of these wickets is outlined. 

The traffic redirection pilot program is expected to remain in place for 90 days and will be removed upon completion. The 90-day period will allow the Village to test the devices for efficiency and gather resident feedback on the program. A final recommendation will be made to the Village Council on the permanency of the devices based on the information collected from the pilot program. We will provide more information regarding the start date for the pilot program as it becomes available.

Our primary goal is to provide efficient and safe movement of vehicles through the Village while ensuring the safety and livability of our residential areas.