Dear Parents and Guardians,

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed some bonus time off with your Blazer. I am making just a few simple notes today - it’s a holiday weekend, and we all want a break, right? 

  • When dropping off and picking up your child on campus, please adhere to all parking rules. The Village of River Forest will ticket you (even if you are in the car) if you are in a no-parking zone on Lathrop or are blocking a residential driveway. Let’s be courteous to our neighbors!

  • Attached HERE is an important reminder from our Dean about attendance. Your child’s teacher works very hard to plan her lesson. Teaching 8 in-person and 4 at-home is very different from 3 in-person and 9 at-home. Unless mandated by illness or quarantine, we cannot have irregular movement back-and-forth. Please review the attached policy, especially the highlighted portions. Strict enforcement begins immediately.

  • Did you travel this weekend? If you visited one of the following states we ask you to abide by the recommended 14-day quarantine and notify Dean Carey.
North Dakota

South Carolina
South Dakota
Puerto Rico
Additionally, please use precautions when visiting colleges and university towns across the country:

Click here for the N.Y. times list of Coronavirus cases
at colleges and universities across the country.

One of my colleagues, the President of another local school, made the observation that the sad reality is that the simple act of going to school has become a privilege. If we don’t each do our own part we could lose that privilege in a snap.

Thank you for keeping yourselves safe and well, thereby keeping us all safe and at school!

Enjoy your Monday off!
Laura Curley
Follet Book Information
We know that Follet is behind in book delivery this year. Thank you for your patience, we will update you with information as soon as we can.
It's time for Walk-A-Thon 2020
In the spirit of Trinity’s student philanthropy in action, Trinity will be holding its annual Walk-A-Thon.  However, this year, it will look a little different. The week of September 28-October 2, we will ask all Trinity students to walk a 5K (3.1 miles) independently in their own neighborhoods. Even apart, Trinity Blazers will be together in this philanthropic effort. Students will receive information next week. We will kick off this annual tradition, this coming Wednesday, September 9th. Stay tuned.  
Virtual Chapel Prayer Book