Dear Parents and Guardians,

As successful as Trinity has been keeping our doors open, we are watching with concern the increase in positive COVID tests across our area. We are consulting medical professionals in the community, and will continue to be vigilant here in the building.

HOWEVER, I have received several unsettling phone calls from parents reporting large afterschool and weekend gatherings of Trinity students. In fact, in at least one case it was pictures of unmasked students at an off-campus social gathering that led a parent to request eLearning for her daughter next Block. To every call of concern I have reiterated that off campus events are beyond the reach of Trinity. Please know that these unmasked social gatherings are keeping some of our students out of the classroom, literally. Blazers are being deprived of an in-person education because of the perception that our community doesn’t care about COVID spread. I will be reiterating this message to the students tomorrow, and I ask you to take these precautions seriously.

So now for the good news!
Even with the local increase in cases, we still have not had one single school-based transmission. In fact, the most positive cases we’ve had at one time is two, or .5% - one-half of one percent of our on-campus community. Every case reported to us has been affirmatively traced to an outside source. According to emerging research across the globe, schools and school athletics have not been a point of transmission.(1)(2) We will continue to watch for changes in the pattern of and number of infections. We will continue to keep you all informed, and ask for your continued assistance and vigilance.

Block Two Uniform Update:
As you have already been told, starting tomorrow our Blazers should be back in uniform. We have heard concerns about the change of weather, in light of the necessity of keeping windows open for ventilation. As such, the Blazers’ uniform requirements will be considerably less stringent than before.
  • If she is cold, uniform pants instead of the skirt are always an option, but solid-color non-uniform pants/leggings under the skirt will also be permitted.
  • Jackets/coats and Trinity sweatshirts will be permissible over her uniform shirt or blouse. 
  • Winter boots (like uggs) will be permitted to help their feet stay warm.
For a variety of reasons, too many to list here, we DO still request uniform top and bottom (skirt or pants) starting tomorrow, but exceptions to the leggings/shoes/sweatshirt/jacket policy will be made. * PLEASE NOTE: these exceptions are for the warmth and health of your daughters. Baseball caps, or other non-winter apparel, will still not be permitted. Many more specific details can be found in the letter from the Dean, Mrs. Carey. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Laura Curley

(1)Kamenetz, A. Oct 21, 2020, Are the Risks of Reopening the Schools Exaggerated?, NPR, accessed 28 October 2020, <https://www.npr.org/2020/10/21/925794511/were-the-risks-of-reopening-schools-exaggerated>
(2) Richmond, T. Oct 23, 2020, UW study: High School sports have not spread the COVID-19 coronavirus, Wisconsin State Journal. Accessed 29, October 2020, <https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/education/local_schools/uw-study-high-school-sports-have-not-spread-the-covid-19-coronavirus/article_3b04400a-7651-50df-a2ff-01a71bf4db65.html>
Synchronous eLearning Day on Friday, November 6

As you know, this week we will continue to honor Sister Michelle by participating in the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters Mound Virtual Services: 

Prayer Service of Remembering - Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 6:30 PM
Join the Sinsinawa community virtually for Sister Michelle's wake service. Click here to tune in on Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 6:30 PM CST .

Funeral Liturgy - Friday, November 6, 2020 at 10:30 AM 
View Sister Michelle's funeral service liturgy.  Click here to tune in on Friday November 6, 2020 at 10:30 AM CST.
You can also access directly from the Sinsinawa : www.sinsinawa.org/live to view the services. (Note: Click or tap on the “WATCH” button in the right column next to the event you wish to view in order for the event to appear in the video window.)

In order for our Trinity community to take part in the viewing of the funeral service liturgy on Friday, we will have a synchronous eLearning day on Friday, November 6, 2020 and will run a special schedule. Faculty and staff will report to school, but students will not report to Trinity on this day. 
Block 2 Updates from the Dean
Please click the link below for important updates on Block 2.
Upcoming Events & Parents Club News
Mothers Club News
Trinity's Mothers Club Presents: 
È ora di cucinare all'italiana 
A Virtual Cooking Class
Wednesday, November 4th at 7pm.
$20 per person 
Registration: Click here

Trinity Mothers Club is also getting ready for the holidays ...
They are selling personalized ornaments, candy dishes and wine glasses.

Check out these perfect treats for your Trinity Blazer Christmas! Purchases can be made at: Click here
Orders are due by Friday November 6th
Bal Dominique 2020 ~ The Virtual Hybrid Gala
Friday, November 6th
Today is the last day to purchase your Bal Dominique dinner package. Dinner package includes the Trinity Triquetra Trio, four course Gene & Georgetti's dinner, Bal Dominique programming, and entertainment by comedian Pat McGann.
ICYMI (In Case You Missed it)
Important information from last week's newsletter
Report Cards
This year we will have a major change in our distribution of report cards. In our quest to be more green, follow Covid safety measures, and save on mailing costs, this year’s report cards for final block grades will be electronic. You will be able to access your child’s report card for Block1 through the parent log-in on Plus Portals beginning on Monday, November 9th.

It's A Wonderful Life: A Radio Play
Trinity is getting ready to host our first Trinity 1940's Holiday Radio Hour featuring the perennial classic It's A Wonderful Life: A Radio Play. To ensure that our holiday spirit is obvious across all mediums, we are looking to borrow the following items:

  • Christmas Wreaths
  • White Christmas Lights
  • Christmas Trees (all shapes and sizes)
  • Garland 
  • Brightly colored holiday Wrapping Paper 
  • 1940's style Hats
  • 2- 6 foot long wooden tables (will be used as foley tables)

The more vintage/ nostalgic these look, the better. But beggers will not be choosers!

Please contact Anslee Rainwater ([email protected]) if you have questions or to arrange a socially distanced drop off and pick up. Also, if bringing in multiple items, please label all pieces with an itemized list. We want to make sure all of your pieces are returned in great shape. 
Virtual Chapel Prayer Book