April 5, 2020 - Trinity Parent Newsletter
Letter from Trinity's President
Good evening Parents and Guardians!

We're back to our regularly scheduled Sunday evening newsletter. With the uncertainty around every corner, we want to bring back as much normalcy as possible: daily prayer, weekly newsletter, staff meetings, class plans, homework. This week some of the clubs, activities, and athletics may begin meeting online. 

Each morning your daughters receive an email which includes a video of a faculty member reading a prayer and morning announcements, just like every other day this year. On Friday morning, Trinity math teacher, Ms. Brown, shared the following prayer from the Gospel of Matthew 6:25-27 :
This message is especially appropriate as we begin Holy Week. In just a few days, we will remember the dark days that began the early Church. Imagine the despair of the Apostles. Today we have the knowledge that in just three days the Lord triumphed over death, and we celebrate His Resurrection. Now is truly a time like never before and it is the perfect time to turn to God: to ask the Lord who defeated even death, to give us the faith to let God take care of us as he promised he would.

Continuing with tradition, Trinity High School will host a Holy Week prayer service. You can look for that email on Wednesday. This is a season of life, new beginnings, and hope. It is my prayer that the lord help us with our anxiety and give us hope as we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection.

Important information items:
  • Per the Governor's order, Trinity High School will continue eLearning until April 30.
  • Trinity will adhere to our previously published schedule, there will be no classes on Holy Thursday or Good Friday.
  • Below is a survey to parents, we would appreciate your input about this week in eLearning. Your daughters have also received one.
  • There is a new financial assistance opportunity available from the Archdiocese. See below.

As always, the Trinity High School community is strong. Please stay in contact with one another and encourage your daughters to stay in touch with classmates, teachers and counselors. Keep us in your prayers, as we will keep you in ours.


Trinity Financial Assistance

Trinity High School financial assistance application process has been extended through April 15th. Click here for the Facts Website .
Please take a few moments to provide us with some important feedback regarding your student's experience with e-learning thus far. Your responses will be anonymous. Your voice and input is a vital part of our continued pursuit of excellence! (THIS SURVEY WILL CLOSE ON WEDNESDAY, 4/8/20 AT NOON)
Student eLearning Expectations Reminders
  • Check in each morning at 9:00 AM and fill out the attendance form for the day sent to you via Trinity gmail.  
  • Check into each Google Classroom and complete all assignments and submit them by 8 AM the next school day or by a specific deadline provided by the instructor.
  • Regularly check your Trinity gmail accounts; 2 times per hour between 9 AM and 2 PM Monday-Friday.  
  • Communicate any questions to teachers via Trinity gmail by 2:00 PM each school day.  
  • Complete any homework assigned by teachers
  • For detailed student expectations, please review: Student eLearning FAQs.
  • Reminder of complete eLearning details for parents & guardians.
Important Information For This Week
No eLearning Classes April 9th and 10th
  • We will still be adhering to our published school schedule for next week which means that we will NOT be hosting eLearning classes or taking attendance on Holy Thursday or Good Friday (April 9th and 10th). Students will receive an email from Campus Ministry about a Holy Week Prayer Opportunity.

Clubs to Resume This Week
  • Beginning, Monday, April 6th, clubs and organizations are permitted (but not required) to begin meeting and collaborating via Google Apps or Zoom Conferencing. Club meetings will be optional for members and permitted to meet after 1 pm (Monday through Friday) or on the weekends. Club officers can schedule meetings with the faculty moderators via email.
2020-2021 Uniform Information from the Dean of Students
During the week of March 30th, sophomores were scheduled to be measured for uniforms and to place orders through Schoolbelles. Since this in-person order day has been cancelled, Schoolbelles is now conducting all orders through their website. It is important for all sophomore families to place orders since they will be transitioning into their new skirt pattern for their junior and senior years.  However, all freshmen and juniors are welcome to place online orders for new items for the 2020-2021 school year as well.
IHSA Update
While IHSA has suspended all Spring Sports through at least April 30th, spring athletes are permitted to Video Conference or email with their teammates and coaches during this suspension period. Athletes can opt to participate in workouts from the safety or their own home or yard provided that they follow social distancing regulations and are not meeting face to face with their teammates. For an update from IHSA about their COVID-19 response, click here .
As you may already know, we have rescheduled   Bal Dominique to November 6, 2020 at Butterfield Country Club.  Bal Dominique is our most significant fundraiser of the year and the funds raised at the event are vital to the advancement of our shared mission—the empowerment of young women through a Trinity education. We look forward to gathering in November to celebrate our shared mission and our 2020 honorees together! 
The loss of the vital Bal Dominique funds this fiscal year coupled with the immediate financial implications to Trinity caused by the current economic situation has led to the creation of the  #BlazerReliefFund.  This fund will support our Blazers in tuition assistance. To provide an opportunity for all of us to come together as a community to both celebrate Trinity and support the #BlazerReliefFund, we invite everyone to join us virtually on our website and social media on April 18th. More information on our April 18th virtual event and the #BlazerReliefFund can be found at  www.trinityhs.org/april18 .
It is with incredible gratitude and admiration that I write to you today. We have heard the word “unprecedented” used so often these days yet I believe it captures well these times in which we are all living. Our families and schools have been facing unique challenges these past few years yet never would we have thought a viral pandemic with such economic consequences would have been upon us as a global society.