April 26, 2020 - Trinity Parent Newsletter
Letter from Trinity's President
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Another Sunday, another week of eLearning behind us. In today's Gospel reading, the two travelers on their way Emmaus were unable to recognize the Lord walking with them. As the travelers recounted the trial and execution of Jesus back to the Risen Lord himself, surely they were too distracted by the despair of their tale to see the good news right in front of them. 

Seeing the Lord in our presence today may not always be easy, but as these long days and weeks drag on we simply must recognize that He is frequently walking the path right beside us. I have struggled with it myself. I often lie awake at night, worried about our faculty and students. One early morning, out of bed because I couldn't sleep after reading too many stories about the pandemic, I thought to myself, "Where is God?" Shortly thereafter my son came down the stairs, having been woken (as teenage boys are) by hunger. He and I had 30 minutes to sit and talk with no email, text or phone distractions. Before he'd filled his stomach and returned to bed I knew that this was my message - to be grateful, because I am so blessed.
I have no doubt that many who are reading this are having challenges much bigger than mine. Anxiety and anger seem to be prevailing emotions. It can be difficult to see God's presence in our lives. When you feel as though God isn't near, look to the members of the Trinity community. Chances are, you will see someone acting with care, compassion and love. You will see Blazer families being God's presence here.

St Terese has said: 
“Christ has no body now but yours. No hands, no feet on earth but yours. Yours are the eyes through which he looks compassion on this world. Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good... Christ has no body now on earth but yours.”

Below, you will see a number of resources that have been established to help those in need. Seeing these things reminds me that even now, while afraid and lonely, many people strive to do good for others, to be Christ's hands, feet, and eyes here on earth. We are truly #InThisTogether. Thank you for being God's blessing in my life, and in one another's lives.
Laura Curley

PS - THS has made a some changes to our Summer School plan. Registration information has gone in the mail, and you can register HERE Please read the details carefully as the program will necessarily be run differently this summer.

COVID Tuition Relief for 2020-21
Tomorrow you will receive an email detailing the process for applying for the Trinity COVID-19 Tuition Grants. Be watching your inbox.

No ID required, you need not be a CPS student, nor even a resident of Chicago.

With sites throughout Chicagoland, you need not be Catholic to receive assistance. These locations also will accept donations for the food pantry.

If you are an essential worker, but your childcare site is closed, this may provide options.

If you are looking for work, CBS Chicago has a long list of local companies who are hiring.
Trinity In The News!

This week,   ABC 7 Chicago and WBBM Radio highlighted Trinity's Virtual Calming Room implemented by Trinity's Student Services Department. The Virtual Calming Room is to assist students with strategies and tools to help relax and manage their emotions.  Click here for the ABC 7 clip.

Today, check out the front page of today's Daily Herald " Students in Trinity's IB History Class write first draft of history in pandemic diaries."
Student Services Department Information

College Exploration Opportunities: 
Strive Virtual College Exploration Week : April 20- May 8 (Now extended!) 
Participate in virtual college exploration sessions from over 400 colleges and universities in 45+ states and 10+ countries. Events are free but registration is required.

Virtual HBCU College Tour : Saturday, May 2
Part two of a virtual college fair featuring 19 Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Event is free but registration is required. 

Three days of live stream presentations to help students and parents navigate the college admissions process. Events are free but registration is required. 

Check out the  Class of 2020 College Planning Newsletter  (April 15th Edition) 
Check out the  Class of 2021 College Planning Newsletter  (April 15th Edition) 
Environmental Blazers In Action
In celebration of  #EarthDay , Trinity's "Environmental Blazers In Action" led our community in prayer. As a  Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters  sponsored school "We believe that we are called to protect the vitality, diversity, and uniqueness of Earth and the community of life sustained by Earth."
Information from Trinity's Library
With fighting misinformation around COVID-19 a key part of the overall response, libraries have the reputation and the skills to make an important contribution. The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions has put together this Infographic to help you stay safe.

Block 4 Class Fees