January 20 - 27

 A Message from Rabbi Eric

Happy are those who have not followed the advice of the wicked…rather the Torah of God is their delight. Such people…are planted like trees beside streams of water, which yield its fruit in season, whose foliage never fades and whatever it produces thrives” (Psalms 1:1-3).


In just a few weeks (Sunday February 5th) we will celebrate Tu B’Shevat – the New Year of the Trees and the unofficial start of Spring (in Israel). Tu B’Shevat is one of my favorite holidays of the year as it connects Jews all over the world to Israel, compels us to get outside and explore nature, commands us to eat fruits and foods that remind us Spring – with warmer weather and longer days - is not too far away and serves as a reminder that my favorite sport (baseball) is just around the corner!


In the coming weeks at Religious School, we will focus our energies on Tu B’Shevat, from learning the ‘basics’ to engaging in Tu B’Shevat seders (did you know about these?) and continuing to deepen our connections to Jewish history and the land of Israel. Along the way we will remember that the world in which we live is our responsibility and that if we don’t do something to repair the world, who will? We will also continue to strengthen our ties to Torah and the lessons it teaches us about ecology, the Earth and all things environmental. And, finally, we will do so as a community, sharing smiles and good times with our friends and family. I firmly believe that if we do this, we will – as the Psalm says – be like those trees that are planted beside water: strong, powerful and connected to the Earth in deep and meaningful ways.


To learn more about Tu B’Shevat, please click here: https://jewishunpacked.com/how-to-celebrate-tu-bishvat/


Our upcoming Religious School schedule is as follows:

1.     Friday January 20th:  Shabbat Services w/Reflections from our Teen Israel Travelers (7pm).

Please join us as we hear stories and experiences from several of our 25 teen Israel travelers!

2.     Sunday January 22nd:

a.     K-5th Grade in Session (9-11:30am)

b.     4th Grade Family Program (Shalom Hall)

3.      Tuesday January 24th: 3rd-5th Grade in Session (4:45-6:15pm)

4.     Wednesday January 25th: 6th-10th Grade in Session (5:30-7:30pm)

5.     Sunday January 29th:

a.     K-5th Grade in Session (9-11:30am)

b.     5th Grade ‘Family Tree’ Program (Social Hall) – 5th Grade Families be on the lookout for a

detailed email.  

Do not hesitate if you have any thoughts/questions. I can best be reached via phone/text (856-359-5758) and/or email (egoldberg@shiramipa.org).

Shabbat Shalom-


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The SHAFTY Scene

K2 CLUB K - 2nd Grade
CHALUTZIM 3rd - 4th Grade
BONIM 5th - 6th Grade
JCREW 7th - 8th Grade
SENIOR SHAFTY 9th - 12 Grade
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Mitzvah Projects

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We are accepting all styles, sizes, and types of shoes that are in gently worn conditions.

The bins are located in the youth lounge and at the front door of the main office. 

Soles4Souls Website

Bring silver pop tabs (soda, soup, etc)

to be recycled with you to religious school and place them in the plastic bottles

by the door!

The grade that accumulates the most tabs

wins an ice-cream party!

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