October 13, 2015
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Calendar at a Glance

  Oct 16-18   South Area Pathfinder Camporee , Fisheating Creek
  Oct 24-25   TLT Operations Training, Winter Park Spanish SDA Church
  Oct 29-Nov 1   North & Central Area Camporee, Camp Kulaqua
           **registration fee increases after Thursday midnight, Oct. 15**
   Nov 15    Adventurers Super Fun Day, Space Coast Stadium
  Nov 20-22   Blaze Ministry Convention , Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center
  Dec 4-6   North Area Survival Camp, Camp Kulaqua
  Dec 4-6   Drum Corp Training, (TBD)
  Dec 4-6   Varsity Reveille Canoe Trip, Jonathan Dickinson State Park
   Dec 11-13    Central Varsity Reveille, (TBD)
  Jan 29-31, 2016    VERB Young Adult Arts Retreat, Camp Kulaqua


A weekly resource to challenge, encourage and inspire you to live a Life on Fire.


Who in your life is living a Life on Fire?

Leviticus 19:34 - Nelson Colon
Life on Fire 38:  Welcoming
Life on Fire 38: Welcoming

LIFE ON FIRE Spotlight

Yarilynne Regalado

Get to know Yarilynne:
- Yarilynne is a Senior (12th grade).
- She is a member of the Tampa First SDA Church.
- Her many hobbies include Drawing/Painting (Art), Piano, Guitar, and Basketball.
- Yarilynne is currently the Leader and Treasurer of East Bay High School's Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
- At the 2014 High School Bible Retreat (HSBR), attendees were challenged to do a painting representing the theme of the retreat, "Unfinished".  Yarilynne did a painting, and presented it at this year's HSBR, which was held this past weekend.
- The meaning of Yarilynne's painting:  "When we think of Jesus's sacrifice, we immediately think of the cross.  I wanted to to use the human heart as a symbol of His sacrifice.  Jesus came down as a human being and lived a perfect life in the midst of temptations, trials, and struggles of His own.  Because of the perfect human sacrifice, the battle between good and evil was won;   

Ti Miller
His work on Earth was finished.  Due to His grace, we have the chance to meet Him and live with Him for eternity.  If we choose to accept Christ into our lives, he will use our unfinished and broken situations to show His finished plan to us.  Our lives are imperfect.  Our struggles are hard.  Our own nature is flawed.  We are not perfect, but Jesus says that we are enough.  His sacrifice gives us the chance to reveal His finished plan through the lives and stories of unfinished people."
- What it means to Yarilynne to live a Life on Fire:  "To live a Life on Fire is to live in the way that Jesus did.  Choosing to act in the manner that Jesus did is the first step.  If you love Jesus with all of your heart and are willing to follow Him, His warm presence and caring attitude will radiate through you.  Living life in a way that will benefit those around you strengthens your spiritual relationship with Jesus. Living a Life on Fire is to be so consumed with the Lord's spirit, that the people around you will start to wonder, in desperation, to know and have a relationship with our God."

News & Updates

Adventurers / Pathfinders - Club of the Year

Congratulations to the Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs for starting the 2015-2016 year!

We would love to see each and every Florida Conference club receive a Club of the Year Award in 2016.  Clubs receiving trophies and awards will be recognized at Red Zone 2016.

The following is required for your club to become a 2016 Club of the Year:
  - Attended Red Zone 2015
  - Attended Leadership Convention 2015
  - Attend Area Directors Meeting (January 2016)
  - Induction Service
  - Pathfinder/Adventurer Sabbath Program
  - Investiture Service
  - Club Registration Form  [ Pathfinder | Adventurer ]
  - Staff Volunteer Driver Questionnaire   [ Pathfinder | Adventurer ]
  - Club Calendar (Annual / Bi-Annual)
  - November Quarterly Report Data (to turn in May 1, 2016)   [ Pathfinder | Adventurer ]
  - February Quarterly Report Data (to turn in May 1, 2016)
  - Club Calendar (if Bi-Annual)
DUE MAY 1, 2016
  - Year End Quarterly Report Data (Nov, Feb, & May Data due)
  - Share Your Faith Activity Report(s)   [ Pathfinder | Adventurer ]
  - Club Evaluation Form  (Pathfinders only)
  - Basic Drill Evaluation Form  (Pathfinders only)

FL Youth Ministries Pictures from the Week

Children's Day - October 4, 2015
Winter Haven SDA Church
Brandon Spanish Pathfinder Induction - October 4, 2015
Wimauma Adventurer & Pathfinder Induction - October 10, 2015

Bradenton Spanish Adventurer & Pathfinder Induction - October 10, 2015
Central Uniform & Campsite Inspector Training - October 10, 2015
Florida Conference Office
Kress Memorial Chili Cook-Off Fundraiser- October 10, 2015
Orlando Filipino Adventurer Club at Green Meadows Farm - October 11, 2015
Thank you to the following for this week's pictures:
Robert Hines, Sandi Duerr, Yolanda Acevedo, Lisa Gary, Javier Santiago, Aimee Layson

Please send pictures from a FL Conference Youth Ministries event this past week,
by Monday noon to:   [email protected]

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Other Youth Ministries Activities

  16-19   Young Adult Revival:  "As He Overcame" - Reidland & Sherry-Lynne Bredy;  Music - Neville Peter
               Belleview SDA Church - 5051 SE 112th Street Road, Belleview, FL  34420
  23-25   2015 Florida SDA Biker Camp;  Praise & Worship, Rides, Fellowship, & More
               Pine Lake Retreat - 21725 County Road 33, Groveland, FL  34736

If you would like to see your event for young people listed, please send info to:

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