Weekly Update
John Thornburg
Dear Parents,

This is a very exciting week for us at Malden Catholic. On Thursday, we are honoring the original date of our MC Gala with an UnGala - A Day of Caring. Throughout the day, we are asking our entire MC community to join together with the goal of raising funds for our students and programs. The event will culminate in a virtual UnGala party at 6 PM, which is a fun-filled presentation featuring our students, faculty, alumni and senior leadership team. As we all know, it has been an extremely difficult time for our communities, our nation and our world. We hope this day will allow us to celebrate our strength and resilience and support our Malden Catholic students, families and programs going forward. If you are in a position to give, please consider doing so throughout the day. Register here for the UnGala.

As we bring the school year to a close, I will also be hosting a virtual Coffee Hour with the Headmaster today from 4-5 PM on GoToMeeting . I hope to see you there! Click here to join the GoToMeeting.

Thank you for your prayers and support,
John K. Thornburg

Coffee Hour with Headmaster Thornburg
Mr. Thornburg will be hosting a virtual Coffee with the Headmaster today, April 29, from 4-5 PM. During the coffee, the Headmaster will discuss plans for the end of the year and answer questions from parents.

What's New?
Friday Funday - PJ Selfie & Scavenger Hunt
We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Friday Funday survey which helped us rank the most popular selfie contests and games. Pajama selfies and scavenger hunts were at the top of the list along with a TikTok challenge and trivia contest.

Since pajamas were strongly requested, we are having a Pajama Tag Day tomorrow, April 30. Everyone is encouraged to submit a selfie for this  Friday’s "Pajama Selfie" Contest on May 1. Please submit pictures before noon tomorrow to mccormackj@maldencatholic.org .

The HUNT IS ON!  On Friday, May 1 from 3-4 PM we will also be hosting a Virtual Scavenger Hunt. Please register for the Scavenger Hunt here or send an email to mccormackj@maldencatholic.org.

One More Day!
We’re just one day away from Malden Catholic’s UnGala- A Day of Caring. Join us tomorrow, April 30, for a 24-hour community effort to raise support for our MC students and programming.
Our goal is to achieve a record level of participation during this unprecedented Day of Caring. The easiest way to get involved is by making a gift online. You can further increase your impact by joining us at 6 PM for our virtual UnGala Party and participate in our live event with the Headmaster, senior leadership, students, alumni and faculty. Be sure to sign up today!
To donate tomorrow, click here or text 'MC' to 41-444.
Virtual Calm Room
Malden Catholic's School and College Counseling department would like to invite students to participate in a Virtual Calm Room. This is a virtual space with resources for helping you relax, find peace and restore balance.

The Calm Room has:
  • Calming videos
  • Calming sounds
  • Crafts to create fidgets and other tactile activities like origami
  • Short yoga practices
  • A scientifically based lesson on mindful breathing from UC Berkeley
  • Virtual tours of lots of fun places to “get out of the house”

Use code c3t4h7p and join through Google Classrooms.
Workout with Coach Joe Meloni
Coach Joe Meloni has put together a series of videos for our students so they can stay fit during this at-home period. Remember, it's helpful to set a regular schedule and spend at least twenty minutes exercising while at home. Click the video to participate in the workout.
Campus Ministry
Morning Prayer
Today's prayer encourages us to focus on deep listening during challenging times. Our Campus Ministers, Dr. Baccari and Ms. Foley, provide our community with prayers Monday through Thursday every week. Keep checking the Malden Catholic YouTube page for these beautiful recordings.

Optional Service Opportunities
Campus Ministers, Ms. Foley and Dr. Baccari, have provided students with a list of Optional Service Opportunities to keep them engaged while at home.

During her April school vacation, 9th grader, Alondra Enciso Torres used her time to help others. She created a Read Aloud video in English and Spanish that could be used by local elementary teachers to enhance distance learning. Way to go!

Virtual Rosary - 2 PM
Campus Ministry will be hosting a Virtual Rosary today, Wednesday, April 29 at 2 PM. This is a great way to connect with teachers and students during quarantine.

Use password: 305569
Pizza and Prayer Meeting - Friday at 2 PM
Ms. Foley and Dr. Baccari will be holding a Pizza and Prayer Planning Meeting this Friday, May 1, at 2 PM. Everyone is encouraged to join in the planning process!

Use password: 805346
Information for All
Our MC Heroes
Malden Catholic would like to acknowledge the act of Plus Ultra from all of our first responders, front line personnel and those who support their efforts. Joe Crowley '87, owner of Pisa Pizza and Breakaway, has donated hundreds of pizzas and meals to first responders and emergency teams for their efforts in fighting the COVID-19 virus.

Crowley and his staff have worked around the clock to provide meals for community members who have put themselves in harm's way. Thank you for everything you do!
3-D Model Showing How the Virus Spreads
Scientists have used math and computer models to simulate the spread of the virus which have been used to control other worldwide diseases such as Ebola and Zika. This article shares an interesting visual representation regarding the quick spread of the disease and how it be managed in the future.