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  • From Pastor Jim
  • Order of Worship
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  • Important Reminders
  • Good News Library
  • Cooks Needed
  • Rejoice Activities
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From Pastor Jim

We continue this week to seek understanding of what stewardship means by looking at it through the sacrament of Holy Communion.  In this coming Sunday’s gospel, we will read and remember Jesus’ great act of sacrificial love at the last supper.  It is God’s way to ignite God’s unbounded generous love.   


Jesus’ act of feeding us bears the same formula:  take, give thanks, breaks, and gives.  Feel free to read the stories of Jesus feeding 4000 or 5000, depending on the gospel, with a few loaves of bread and fish.  There was always enough to go around.  And that is at the core of the reign of God, that wealth and justice is distributed so that everyone has enough. 


Our human problem is we cannot see how that is possible when we look around and only see there is not enough to go around.  It requires a lifetime of rewiring our brains to see and understand differently. 


God’s generous table has more than enough for each of us, for our friends and family, and even for people we disapprove of or our enemies.  That is why everyone belongs at God’s table and in our lives, like it or not.  We are connected through God’s table.   


That is why it leads to us reorienting our entire worldview according to how God sees it, not how we see it.  When our worldview is reoriented, our generosity toward one another is transformed.  Hope to see you Sunday as we dive into The Generous Table, Generous Life. 


Pastor Jim

January 22, 2023 ~ 9:30 a.m.  


Call to Worship 

 What Feast of Love 

 Confession and Forgiveness 

 Thank you for the Gift 

 Prayer for the Day 

Children’s Message 

 Welcome and Announcements 

 Giving Table Talk 

 Exodus 16:1-9 

 Gospel ~ Matthew 26:26-29 


 Offering/As the Grains of Wheat 

 Offering Prayer 

 Invitation to the Sacred Table 

 Words of Institution 

 Prayers of the Church 

 Lord’s Prayer 

 Distribution/ The King of Love My Shepherd Is 

 Post Communion Prayer 


 I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light 


Children's bulletins available at the usher stands

Important Reminders

NEW Office Hours for Rejoice beginning Monday, January 2. 

We will be open Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 3:00pm

Rejoice’s Annual Meeting – February 5th after Worship

>Reports available Sunday, January 22nd in the Fellowship Hall.

>Please bring your report with to the Annual Meeting.


Thank you for your generous Noisy Offering gift to the library!

Worship Volunteers Needed: Please contact Lisa if you are willing to help. Thank you!

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Rejoice Links


Online Giving




Monthly Newsletter Goes Green

Help Rejoice save money and the environment!

* A digital version of the monthly newsletter will be accessible through the website & linked in the weekly update (see above)

* Paper copies will be available at the church

* If you are homebound or need a paper copy mailed, please sign up on the Interest Table


Good News Library

Love books? Rejoice library is looking for youth-adult helpers for its general library duties. Contact Pam Bender for more information. 320.492.7477. Thank you!

Creative Cooks Needed

Would you spare 1 ½ - 2 hours 5:00-6:30 pm on a Wednesday evening to prepare & serve a quick easy meal before Funday School, Confirmation, & Sr. High*?

  *Reimbursement provided for groceries

  *Easy & quick entrée of your choosing

  *Wednesday of your choosing

  *Please sign up on the table by Celebration Hall.


Happening at Rejoice

  • Doors are open for walking 9-2:30pm Monday – Thursday. Please ring buzzer by door 1 (Office/Library door)
  • Sundays following worship Community Food Rescue for free will offering in the Education Wing
  • CHANGED DATE: January 24: Womens Bible Study 10am
  • February 5: Rejoice Annual Meeting following worship
  • February 11 8am-12pm: Mexico Mission Trip chili prep
  • Sunday February 12: The great Chili Feed is back… in time for Super Bowl Sunday! Enjoy a bowl of chili and all the fixings made by the Mexico Mission Team. Dine in or Take out. Proceeds will benefit the mission ministry. The team will travel Sunday, February 19th through Monday, February 27th  

Women's Bible Study

  • Third Tuesday monthly
  • 10:00 a.m.

Yoga for All

  • Wednesday mornings
  • 9:00 a.m.
  • $10 per class or $32 per month
  • Senior discount: $9 per class or $25 per month

Stitch and Pray

  • Wednesday afternoons
  • 1:00 p.m. in the Rejoice Good News Library
  • Bring your knitting needles and crochet hooks to make prayer shawls for those that are experiencing health or spiritual challenges
  • All levels of skill are welcome

Young @ Heart

  • Third Thursday monthly
  • Doors open at 10:30 a.m. for card playing and fellowship
  • Lunch at 11:30 a.m. followed by short program
  • Mark your calendar and call Carol at 320.558.6851 to reserve your spot for a couple of hours of fun and fellowship! Don't forget to invite a friend to join you!

Area Happenings 

Clearwater Legion Annual Fish Fry February 26, 2023

See the COMMUNITY EVENTS board for current flyers.

Prayer Concerns (* indicates member)

If you have a loved one or friend in need of prayer, please use one of the prayer concern requests located on the round table in Celebration Hall and in the Welcome pads. The star(*) in front of a name denotes a Rejoice member. Requests will be printed for up to four weeks; call the church office at 320.558.6851 to extend listing. If a name of a friend or loved one has been omitted please resubmit the name and/or concern using one of the prayer concern forms found in the red Welcome Pads in the worship area. 

We Mourn With:

John Gohman and family in loss of his wife, Marlene

We Rejoice With:

Lora, in the birth of a son

Receiving Treatment for Cancer:

Cary Ogden (friend, Pastor Jim Bump) 

Judy (mother, Chris Schill) 

Dana (niece, Bonnie Badial) 

Vern Scott (friend, Lee & Rosemary Monk) 

Jim Lubke (cousin, Mary Wilson) 

*Lorraine Bluhm 

Kim Hillson (friend, Lori Lanes)  

Michele and her husband Kerry (friends, Lori Lanes)  

Carolyn Bjelland (cousin, Duane & Darlene Johnson) 

Sami (neighbors’ friend, Jim & Lori Lanes) 

Karen Emberton (Kari Line) 

JoAnn Stegura (wife, Jerry Stegura) 

John Swan (friend, Ron & Lynn Schneider) 

Lester Dupont (father, Linda Painter) 

*Pete Lidberg 


*Ron Stensby 

Samantha (granddaughter, Darryl & Carolyn Bissell) 

Clifford Volkmann (brother-in-law, Duane & Darlene Johnson) 

Poissant family (Kris Maehren) 

Julie Froblom (cousin, Lori Lanes) 

Andy Castro (brother-in-law, Chris Schill) 

Maxine Sanders (mother, Kevin Sanders) 

*Elaine Niesche 

Karen Solis (mother, Lisa Pridgeon) 

Norb & Carol Litzau (friends, Duane & Darlene Johnson) 

Marlene-mother & Gary-son Hillson (friend, Lori Lanes) 

Kris (sister, Rosemary Monk) 

Elaine Maples (Lori’s sister Carolyn’s friend) 

Adelynn Murray (Linda Agre) 

Marcia (sister, Pam Bender) 

Kent Petersen (brother, Rhoda Senkler) 

Jeff Lamb family (friend, Mark & Karie Gohman) 

Cris Gears (friend, Linda Agre) 

Brad Johnson (son, Darlene & Duane Johnson) 

*Duane Johnson 

*Charlie Johnson 

Active Duty:

Eli Mulqueen (son, Janet Moeller)

Rejoice Staff

Jim Bump Lead Pastor

Nicole Heberling Music Coordinator

Lisa Pridgeon Office Assistant

| 320.558.6851 | |

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