We're including all the details below for folks who like all of that - but here's what you really need to know - If you EAT at any of the restaurants on the Strong Northland page, and plan to do so by August 31st - buy the vouchers. Yep, it's an extra step for you - but it's a small one you can take to help out our restaurant community. They make great gifts, too!

Strong Northland Restaurant Vouchers

Support Local Business by Ordering Great Food in Duluth and Hermantown
With 40 local restaurants participating,  Strong Northland vouchers are perfect gifts for  your employees, family, friends, neighbors, teachers, postal carriers, a favorite clerk or a 2020 graduate !
How does it work?
  1. Purchase Strong Northland $20 voucher(s) at StrongNorthland.com, anytime between now and their August 31st expiration date. We have a short window to make a big impact!
  2. Pick up voucher(s) at one of these North Shore Bank locations: Downtown, Hermantown, Lakeside, or Woodland.
  3. Gift voucher(s) or redeem for yourself at any of the 40 participating restaurants.
To supply a critical cash flow to our region when businesses need it most, vouchers expire August 31, 2020.
Special Thanks to these Hermantown Chamber Members for participating! (on the right)
You can use your vouchers to patronize any of the 40+ restaurants listed on the website - but it would be extra special if you supported these Chamber Members whose membership dues support the advocacy work we do all year long! Thank you!

And we're still taking restaurants, new ones have joined the chamber, and we always welcome new and former members to the chamber!