Weekly Update May 17, 2023

May 21, 2023
10 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Congregational Mission
Priority Retreat

(Please note change in schedule)

Following the COVID pandemic, school transitions and many other changes in our congregation and broader community, we are looking forward to creating time for the whole congregation to dream, brainstorm, offer input and engage in the future work of Trinity.

We encourage all to make every effort to attend this retreat and the council scheduled it for a Sunday to maximize participation and engagement.

10-10:30- Brief Worship with Holy Communion
followed by Donuts and Coffee
10:45-12:00- Session One
12:00-12:05- Stretch Break
12:05-12:30- Wrap up Session
12:30-1:00 Lunch and Fellowship

We will focus around these five strategic areas using the following prompt:

What should we stop doing?
What should we continue doing?
What should we start doing?

  1. Worship, Music, Hospitality, Welcome
  2. Education Ministries (all ages Child-Seniors)
  3. Community Engagement, Justice, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion
  4. Buildings and Grounds
  5. Fellowship, Fun, Community Building

Although no one will be turned away, please register by today so that we may plan for food and logistics!

If you can't make the retreat or are traveling you will have an opportunity at a later date to give your ideas and feedback as well.
A Special Mother's Day Reception

Thanks to Gloria Hymes for organizing a very
special reception to honor mothers and all people!

A Prayer for Mothers
Mothering God, We pray for mothers and mother figures. Console all who long to be mothers, children estranged from their mothers, anyone grieving the death of a mother, and mothers who grieve the death of a child. Support all for whom this day is difficult.
2023 Trinity Scholarship Application Due Today!!

+++++Application Deadline: May 17, 2023+++++
Who is eligible? Any Member of Trinity Lutheran who is a candidate for a degree at an accredited educational institution.

What is the process? Simply fill out the application (link below) and submit it with the short essay response. Applications should be submitted by email with all attachments and sent to the church office by May 17, 2023.
What scholarships are available this year?
·     Jaffe Family Scholarship- $1500 (preference given to those studying religion, teaching, health or humanities)
·     Moeller Scholarship- up to $6450 (preference given to those entering college and those preparing for ministry and may be split among one or more recipients)
·     Keenagers Scholarship- $500
Trinity would love to celebrate all of our 2023 graduates of any level. Please send a photo and related information for your graduate to the office at admin@besidethesea.org.

Congratulations to Angelena Bohman, daughter to Rolf, who received a PhD in Engineering & Public Policy, from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.

Photo with sister, Kenia.
Bishop's Pastoral Letter about Hate
The 4th Sunday of Easter features the passage from Acts where Stephen, the first Christian martyr, is stoned. He looks into heaven and says he sees the Son of Man seated next to God. The outraged crowd rushes him and kills him. We know this passage is meant to bear witness to Jesus having ascended into heaven, and supports Jesus’ words in John 14, that he goes to prepare a place for us in heaven. 
I preached on the Acts passage. Stephen describes a new version of heaven, where someone we wouldn’t expect is there; in this case, it is Jesus. I noted how angry we get when we discover heaven might be populated with different people than we would prefer. 
Two weeks ago, All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena received credible bomb threats and threats against their pastor. The reason: their historic LGBTQ welcome. My wife Janis and I were married there, by her Episcopal priest and my Lutheran pastor. All Saints has been at the forefront of inclusion for almost 40 years. Other welcoming congregations around the country reported similar threats. Sadly, when All Saints needed help with security measures, they called local rabbis, who worship under armed guard and metal detectors, to garner their expertise. 
We are so fortunate to live in California where anti-trans bills are not being passed. LGBTQ folks are generally safer here, but of course we must continue to call for this inclusion. Trans lives matter. Queer kids are beautiful. LGBTQ people are to be loved and respected and we can learn from their resilience and hope. Hate has NO PLACE anywhere, much less in places of worship or in our theology. Friends, this is serious. This is literally a life and death situation. Many of us tell ourselves we love everyone but think honestly about the people we distrust, the people we do not understand, and ask God to bring us courage and love to imagine them next to us in heaven. 
We hear so many stories of gun violence, usually spurred by hatred. Anti-immigrant hate, anti-Asian hate, Antisemitism, racism, misogyny. We have dozens of words to describe the various and horrible ways we hate each other. The news is filled with stories of the violence this hate engenders. 
As your bishop, you might expect me to call us to prayer. I do. Humans are not capable of creating a loving society on our own. We have proved it time and time again. We need God’s power and strength to live bravely with each other, to truly see Jesus in each person, whether or not they look like us, love like us, believe like us. So we need to seek God’s help. We need and receive the Holy Spirit’s vast compassion. But thoughts and prayers are not enough. Contact your legislators to insist our legal system keeps moving toward safety for everyone. We are looking for safety and equity and goodwill for all. Participate in rallies and community groups. Google your local LGBTQ center or PFLAG chapter and get involved. Call your LGBTQ siblings and let them know you care. Call your friends of color and let them know you stand with them. Do you have friends of another faith who are targeted? Check in on them. 
Make your voice heard. Put your body in places where you will learn and be inspired by the courage of those in danger. Show up. This isn’t a political statement; this is a confession of Lutheran faith. We are called to love people deeply. You are not alone, and neither are they. This is TRULY the kingdom of God.
~Bishop Bos
Call for Nominations
Trinity Church Council FY 2023/24
We're now receiving nominee suggestions for next year's Church Council! Congregational voting will occur during our June Bi-Annual Meeting. Some attributes we're looking for:

1. Capacity for faithful, servant leadership;
2. Active participation in the worship life of the congregation;
3. Energy and dedication;
4. A collaborative nature and a willingness to serve in the name of all who come to Trinity.

We warmly welcome your nominations of yourself or another member via email to the church office through the button below.
Calling All Those Interested in helping
with Trinity's Online Worship:

As you may know, Trinity has a weekly online presence with our Zoom worship, conducted live and interactively with members and guests alike!  You can be a part of this ministry, which provides a safe and accessible way to be a part of the Trinity community. No previous technical experience is required, only a willingness to support this important ministry and training will be provided. 
Please contract Julie Castongia at 310-760-6386
or Alma at the Parish Office.
Many Languages sought for Pentecost Sunday!
In honor of the Spirit's work, we would like to invite anyone who speaks a non-English language to be a part of the worship on Pentecost Sunday, May 28th. Just email the church office or speak with Pastor Douglas to let them know if you would like to share your special gift of language with the congregation by reading a lesson, prayer, or other reading in your native or learned language!

Piper Preschool at Trinity Construction Updates

Check here each week for any updates.

May 17, 2023- City Permitting is Completed and Renovations will begin in earnest. Some landscaping work has begun and things are moving along well with renovation plans! Piper held its first Tuesday classes this week with interested parents and children. Saturday will be a 10 a.m. concert for children on the East Lawn in the Ficus Grove. Please let the church office know if you have a preschool aged child who may benefit from this.

As construction takes place please use caution on the church property and don't allow children or young people access to the school buildings or grounds or dumpster area. Use caution when parking on the lot or streets for any spare materials that may inadvertently puncture tires or cause damage.

No Further Access to Preschool Buildings without prior permission from the Parish Office until further notice. This includes the former parish kitchen and any play areas inside the preschool fencing.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this exciting time of building and new life!

Upcoming Worship and Events

May 21: Congregational Mission Priority Retreat - 10 am - 1 pm

May 28: Day of Pentecost Worship at 10am

June 4th: Trinity Sunday
Author Talk with Larry Ward - 5pm - 6pm

Saturday Spruce Ups @ Trinity

Join us Saturday mornings as we tidy up our campus!

When: Every Saturday morning, 9:00 - 10:30 am (except for rain).
Where: Meet in the parking lot.
What: Light clean up & maintenance (sweeping, weeding, cutting, pruning, minor gardening & fixes).
Brooms & tools on hand.

Very informal - come when you can; stay as long (or as short) as you like!


Mon & Wed: 9:30 AM – 4 PM
Tue & Thu: 9:30 AM – 2 PM
Closed Fridays

Contact Parish Office
Phone- 310-374-4380
Email- admin@besidethesea.org
Visit- 1340 11th St.; MB

Giving to Trinity

Thank you for your regular financial gifts to support our ministry, please click the button below to make a one-time donation via Trinity's secure giving platform.
We're praying for...
Prayer requests may be made to the parish office by emailing or calling.
The names will be held in prayer for one month
unless otherwise requested. (*Member of Trinity) (Request by Member of Trinity) (New Intention)

Those who are sick or in any need:
Louise, a visitor to Trinity and her son who is awaiting an organ transplant.
Comfort and peace for Abbe’s Cousin Gordy and his brother Steve,
who is in hospice care for Parkinson’s.
Carol Levin for strength and healing as she recovers from a medical condition.
Kathryn Wright, mother of Jon Wright
Jeanette Carey, Aunt of Kathy Gerds and Eric and Liz for health
Jo Toomata, for health and healing following a procedure
Linda S. for peace and comfortL
Marcia Aaron for continuing healing and comfort
For the health and comfort of Bill Skones.
For *Gerre Jaffe for health and healing
For those facing a loss of health and food benefits after COVID
For all young people dealing with mental illness and struggling with suicide and self-harm.

For those who have died and those who mourn:
For the Conlon and D'Evelyn families at the death of
Katie's grandmother, Barbara D'Evelyn

For Jon Wright, Kathy and Mark at the death of Jon's father, Dean.

For our Director of Music and Liturgy, Jim, and the Trinity Choir.
For Altar Guild members who set up and prepare for Worship each week.
For our Preschool Partner "Piper Preschool at Trinity" as they continue renovations.

The Intentions of this Community:
  • -For addiction and recovery support groups that meet at Trinity.
  • -For the South Bay Coalition Against Hate as we work together to address antisemitism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and injustice against women
  • -For the people of Ukraine and an end to war. For refugees and those displaced from homes and family.
  • -For the pastors, deacons, and churches of the South Bay Conference.
  • -For those fed by our sandwich ministry.
  • -For Project: Needs
  • -For the congregations of New City Parish.
  • -For an end to systematic racism, war, and oppression.
  • -For victims of gun violence in our nation.
  • -For all congregations who are Reconciling in Christ and embrace the full welcome of LGBTQ+ people.
  • -For our Bishop, Brenda, our Pastor, Douglas, and all leaders of the church.