There are kids at the club. They are drawing pictures, doing science experiments, playing basketball. They are seeing their friends and making new ones.

This is huge.

We opened the Martin V. Smith Clubhouse yesterday for children of essential workers. It isn't exactly back to normal, we have made extensive changes to our procedures to insure safety, but it is an important step.

And it is a step that you, as our supporters, have allowed us to take.

We are not stopping our online programing, Virtual Club has been a tremendous hit with our members (we have had some great lessons recently, including how to draw a heart map ) with over 850 kids taking part in activities last week.

While we have a ton of fun, the most important thing is the link these activities provide between isolated kids and teens and their mentors at the club. Together, we will help young people in Oxnard and Port Hueneme thrive during this crisis.

Thank you for being part of this team,
Erin Antrim