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ITLC’s Train-the-Trainer Programs are Booming!

Since the start of 2023, 22 SEPTA instructors have participated in two sessions of ITLC’s “Train-the-Trainer Level 1: Teaching Techniques” course. Topics covered include teaching methods and best practices, adult learning theory, and lesson planning. In addition, participants practiced new facilitation skills and techniques during four classroom and hands-on teaching demonstrations. Each participant’s teaching demonstrations were video recorded as part of a new program component, showcasing their growth over the week. Participants said key takeaways included instructional design frameworks, components that enhance all aspects of student learning, lesson planning, teaching methods, and confidence in their facilitation skills. 

SEPTA January 2023 Train-the-Trainer Cohort

SEPTA January 2023 Train-the-Trainer Cohort

“I now have a much more comprehensive framework to use when developing courses.”

-   TtT2 Participant

ITLC also held its first session of "Train-the-Trainer Level 2: Creating Courseware that Works" to a cohort of six experienced trainers at Metro Transit in Minneapolis. Self-assessments showed a 32% increase in knowledge and resounding agreement (97%) that the course was relevant to their work and would benefit peers. Participants especially appreciated the interactivity, and the session gave them a jump-start on a real course they were tasked with creating.

A reminder: Through the Transit Workforce Center, we are offering partially subsidized train-the-trainer courses. Read on for more details of these programs!

Train-the-Trainer Level 1: Teaching Techniques

A week-long, highly engaging course that takes subject matter experts and gives them the skills to convey effectively their vast content knowledge to others in a classroom setting. Topics include adult learning theory, teaching techniques, and presentation skills. Participants will spend most of the week applying what they’re learning through rounds of practice teaching in classroom, lab, and field settings. They’ll also give and receive feedback from their peers – one of the most important skills for a trainer.

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Train-the-Trainer Level 2: Creating Courseware that Works

This week-long, interactive course builds on Level 1 by giving experienced trainers the skills to define, design, and develop an effective and engaging training course and accompanying courseware and assessments, incorporating established adult learning principles. Participants will apply this new knowledge by developing materials for a course, which will ultimately be taught at their location.

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Locations interested in Train-the-Trainer can email

Bus Maintenance

ATTAIN Meeting

This Tuesday

March 28th at 1:30 pm EST

Members of ATTAIN and those interested in apprenticeship for bus maintenance are welcome to attend. This committee meeting will commence with several brief presentations from transit peers across the country who will offer perspectives on their apprenticeship program and engage in an interactive discussion about how these programs are developed and work.  

Register Here!

Action Request: Help the Transit Cooperative Research Program Reach Frontline Workers

Rutgers University and Foursquare ITP are working with the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) to conduct a survey of frontline workers that researches the challenges and impacts of mental health and wellness for frontline transit workers. The goal will be to identify key issues around depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and develop a toolkit of solutions to improve frontline workers' health and well-being for retention and recruitment, as well as overall resilience.


ITLC is contacting our network on behalf of the research team to help disseminate this survey to frontline workers. The research team is seeking responses from frontline transit agency staff, including rail or bus operators, paratransit operators, street supervisors, station managers, customer service representatives, and any other staff position that may directly interact with the public.


The survey should be completed by March 17, 2022. To disseminate to frontline workers, download the “Survey Distribution Kit” at The kit includes sample language for employee communications, such as email or text messages.


We appreciate your help with this. If you have further questions or concerns, please get in touch with Sandy Brennan, Principal Investigator, at

ITLC Attends Busworld in Detroit

The challenges and successes of agencies and operators transitioning from traditional diesel vehicles to battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were at the forefront of the Busworld conference in Detroit, attended by ITLC’s Technical Training Program Manager James Hall (pictured left), February 5-8. The approximately 300 conference attendees were challenged to look as far into the future as possible and meticulously plan for their fleet’s transition. In addition, emphasis was given to prioritizing safety when updating facilities and to best practices for implementing safety systems for the potentiality of significant component failures. Following the conclusion of the presentations, experts from the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) engaged with audience members to answer questions and connect others with industry experts. 

WATCH: TRACCS Webinar - Rail Consortiums A Collaborative Approach to Maintenance Training

Earlier this week, ITLC staff Jack Clark, Julie Deibel-Pundt, and Amri Joyner joined the TRACCS WEBINAR and panelists Tim Tarrant, Don Lamotthe, and Francis Burnett for their panel “Rail Consortium: A Collaborative Approach to Maintenance Training.” You can view the video here.

Funding Opportunities 

Good workforce development programs require resources and investment. Funding is available through various programs to help subsidize the workforce efforts of transit agencies and their partners. The TWC Resource Center now includes listings of funding opportunities that public transportation agencies and their partners may be eligible to apply for. With the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the federal government committed to providing funding through various new and existing competitive grant programs for workforce development and training activities. These programs, as well as others, are featured on our website. Please click here to view these opportunities.

Honoring Black History Month

Maryland Sisters Recall a Dad Who Was the ‘Jackie Robinson’ of Baltimore Streetcars

Mass Transit – February 13, 2023

In honor of Black History Month, we celebrate Berley Roberts Sr., the first African-American streetcar operator of the old Baltimore Transit Co.

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