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The Senior Center closed officially March 12th, exactly one month ago today. This global crisis has felt surreal to me still after all these weeks. I think it feels unreal because my family is healthy, my friends and neighbors are healthy, I'm healthy and I do not have anyone that I am aware of who is sick because of COVID19. I am beyond grateful for all of the above.

What I am feeling however, is anxiety that overcomes me, and when it does, it's when I least expect it. I've had anxiety before; who hasn't? But now it's different. I was always able to talk myself out of my anxiety and now there are too many 'what if's'? Worst case scenarios are never good.

What is working for me most of the time and grounds me is being busy, creating structure and finding things daily that I am grateful for. I have also stopped bombarding myself with news throughout the day. I have worked on finding that balance. This is not a perfect solution but it's important to know what helps you when you are not feeling like yourself!

An important part of feeling grounded is feeling grateful. I think we will all realize when we can see each other again how we will not take for granted a warm hug or a firm handshake. When I walk around my neighborhood and see the beautiful signs of Spring, I am grateful to be able to experience it. I have a moment of mindfulness and I am in the moment; not in the what if...

I want to touch on resiliency. We all have resiliency which is the ability to adapt to events which occur in our lives.A person with good resiliency has the ability to bounce back more quickly and with less stress than someone whose resiliency is less developed. During this incredible stressful time in our lives we may have those thoughts as I mentioned above, the 'what if's... which lead to stress and anxiety. If you would like to talk to our social worker, Dawn Neglia please reach out to her at 732.329.4000 x 7212 and she will help you come up with strategies to be more resilient.

For your information, I have attached this list of resources f or you or someone you love. From mental health to depression to drugs/alcohol and more.

Please let us know how you are doing and what we can do to help you if you're having a difficult time. We miss you all and your are all in our hearts and thoughts.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

My Best,
732.329.4000 x 7682

Penn Medicine/ Princeton Health will no longer providing Physical Therapy in the South Brunswick Wellness Center until further notice, however they can be reached at 609.497.2230 to schedule an appointment at another convenient location.
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Information about the stimulus check can be found here.

I want to spotlight 'Chefs for Seniors' when food shopping is difficult: Please reach out to Seth if you feel this service may meet your needs. It's not just shopping but so much more!

Food, Glorious Food!
I am so excited to share this service I just learned about:
Reasonably priced concierge service providing meal preparation, delivery and an extra bonus: food shopping! You provide the menu and their talented chefs do the cooking accommodating  all   nutritional and ethnic preferences.
Their program has been updated in order to accommodate safe practices vis a vis COVID19.
Please see the   brochure

Email or call Seth Lefberg
Do it Yourself Masks (DIY)

Sew and No Sew Instructions This link is from the Center for Disease Contr o l

All you need for this DIY mask project is a clean sock.

If you missed how to DIY with a pillowcase please go to our Facebook group where Jillann demonstrates this.

Please let me know if you need assistance with a face mask. The recommendation is that your face is covered when you are out in public and I am more than happy to figure out where you can purchase a mask, receive a mask or create a mask. Do you have a suggestion for another DIY? Please share!