Weekly Update: March 1, 2021
Did you know?

Peachtree City's main attraction goes to the use of golf carts and our multi-use path systems, but do you know how many golf carts are registered in Peachtree City? Take a look!
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Tiny Tunes
Are you looking to get your little ones started with music?
The Peachtree City Recreation Department offers Tiny Tunes for ages 6 months to 5 years old!
Classes are attended with parents and led by dedicated and professional music educators. Your child will be introduced to a wide variety of musical scales, rhythms, instruments, and styles that will provide a foundation for and help stimulate musical growth at even the earliest of ages!
Peachtree City Budget Workshop Schedule
March 2 - Workshop - 6:30 PM at City Hall
April 6 -Workshop - 6:30 PM at City Hall
May 11- Workshop - 6:30 PM at City Hall
June 22 - Workshop - 6:30 PM at City Hall
July 15 - Public Hearing -6:30 PM at City Hall

March Library Events
Join the library for a fun-filled month of virtual events! To view the schedule click the button below!
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