Weekly Update: March 8, 2021
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PTC Girls' Softball Association

Peachtree City Girls'Softball Association had its opening day this past Saturday! 19 teams played their first game, with girls ages 4-7 at the Meade Softball Fields.
What's Happening this Week in Peachtree City...
Planning Commission:
The Planning Commission has moved their meeting time from 7:00 pm to 6:30 pm, beginning in April. Now all regular public meetings held by the City will be at 6:30 pm (this includes the City Council and the Planning Commission).

AT&T Fiber Upgrades:

ARDENLEE SUBDIVISION will be getting a fiber upgrade from ATT. This will begin with the utilities being marked and then they will begin work shortly after. Please do not remove the flags, as it marks where the utility lines are and are important for the workers. Several other subdivisions will also have the upgrade done during the spring/summer. As always here are a few reminders: Please do not harass the workers or call the police on them for working in the right of way. Utility work takes place in City-owned Right-of-Way or Utility Easements. Please do not threaten contractors – they are allowed to work in this area whether you personally want the service or not. While it may be your “yard,” it is not your property. Contractors will restore grass when done in the neighborhood. Residents should water new grass seed/sod after installation (the utilities do not return to keep grass seed/sod watered). No one should have private sprinkler systems or electric dog fences in the public right-of-way, but if you do, please mark them when you see other utilities marked in your yard. Utility contractors are not responsible for restoring these items, and locate services (811) will not know about them to mark them

Wynnmeade Path Connection:
The Wynnmeade path connection from the Gateway Bridge construction has been delayed a bit due to weather. However, construction starts again today and will be expedited for completion.
Atlanta Air Show
The Atlanta Air Show is coming back to Peachtree City! The dates have changed so please note that the air show will now take place on May 22-23.
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