Weekly Update: May 3, 2021
Chief Chat

Ever wondered what types of calls and how many calls our fire department receives? Watch as Fire Chief Joe O'Conor breaks it down of us.
Have you taken the Peachtree City Budget Survey yet?

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Please take a few minutes to take the Peachtree City Budget Survey to help us gain insight on what matters most to you.
The survey is open until May 19th.
Coming Soon!
More Stormwater Utility payment options and features including AutoPay, Pay by Text, and Paperless Billing. Prepare by ensuring your account number(s) and the remittance address are up-to-date. The remittance address is Peachtree City Stormwater, PO Box 117009, Atlanta, GA 30368-7009. Check back next week for more details!
Road Work Happening This Week
FDR Mixing (they will be here into next week with final paving following)
Nob Hill
Cove Road
Driftwood Ln
Driftwood Ct
Sweetwater Oaks
Bowfin Bay
Bay View
Lakewood Ln
Perch Point
Ketch Ct
Lanyard Look
Flyrod Ct
The Peachtree City Library

The Peachtree City Library has a multitude of events this month! Be sure to check them out!
Fayette Senior Services May Programs

Take a class on budgeting or learn to cook some of your favorite fried foods! Be sure to check out the May schedule from the Fayette Senior Services Programs.
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