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"Whoever Loves me
will keep my word"

John 14:23

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Mother's Day Reflections
We are celebrating Mothers in the month of May.

Beth Kraft

"Motherhood has helped me understand and enrich my capacity for unconditional love. As my children matured, I felt it was my responsibility to guide them to become independent, kind and faith-filled adults. Only later through my own faith journey have I been able to accept that all of our lives are what God has planned for us and I need to trust in His plan unconditionally."
Carrie Groth

"The greatest gift of motherhood is savoring all moments big and small, all ages and all stages, the good times and bad, the trials and the tribulations, the laughter and the tears, all while being a witness to what carries them through these moments- the love of God, family, and friends. As a mom, what you sow is what you reap, with that everyday is better than the last and the joy of parenting has no end in sight! Our children have opened up a window in my heart and God’s light has poured in through them!"

Dcn Falasiko Matovu Ordained on May 1 in Uganda

In case you missed Dcn. Falasiko's (now father) ordination, you can find this beautiful moment at the link below.

Sixth Sunday of Easter
Mass Registration
Weekday Mass: 6:30 - 8:30

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Confessions: Saturday 11 a.m.
Upcoming Events
May 8 | St. Joseph Catholic School

First Eucharist Mass
Children's Faith Formation

Join Us for the First Eucharist Mass. A full list of those receiving communion can be found by clicking this link. You can also view this Mass on livestream at this link here (10 AM) and this link (2 PM)
May 8 | Youth Commission
Shine 2021 Information Night

All incoming 7th grade through graduating 12th grade youth are invited to be a part of our first annual local service week- Shine 2021! During this week, there will be many opportunities for the youth to participate in different service events. More Info Here.

May 9 | Catholic Charities of Chicago

Catholic Charities
Mother's Day Reflection

Women, especially women already challenged by poverty, food insecurity, mental health challenges, and lack of health care, have experienced higher rates of infection, more loss of life, and greater job losses. More info here.
May 9 | Youth Commission

Teen Mass 5 PM

All are welcome to join us on the second Sunday of each month for Teen Mass. You can attend in person or join us online at 
Parish News
Prayer & Worship Commission

Breaking Open the Word:
Sixth Sunday of Easter

In this Sunday’s Gospel, we are urged to remain attached to Christ so that we might bear great fruit. Next Sunday, we are reminded that the great fruit we are to bear is love. Read More Here
Faith Formation Commission

Men's Summer Retreat
Plans Underway

Plans are coming together for the next summer retreat on September 18. Things continue to develop, so click here to be informed of updates and schedules.

Faith Formation Commission

First Communion Kits to Go

Children’s Faith Formation families couldn’t gather this year under pandemic restrictions to celebrate the annual First Eucharist banquet. So, Faith Formation team members brought the banquet to them. Read More Here.
Prayer & Worship Commission

A Letter from Fr. Martin

This year, Memorial Day falls on the Visitation of The Blessed Virgin Mary. Read Fr. Martin's letter about how we'll celebrate this year. click here.

Volunteer Opportunities
Community for the Kingdom
Responding to Cardinal Cupich’s Renew My Church initiative to make our parishes vibrant and sustainable communities for our people today and for generations to come, St. Joseph is reimagining itself as a community of communities by instituting a new dimension of church, Community for the Kingdom.
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