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Slow Down on January 22. Amid frenetic lifestyles, the dark of winter calls us to breathe deeply and slow down. What if we focused on doing things better, rather than doing them faster? Rev. Anne Mason will lead us in exploration of the new philosophy of ‘slowmaxxing.’

This Sunday's Share the Plate

The Lexington Food Pantry has provided food every week to residents of Lexington, Winchester and Lincoln for 22 years. Volunteers collect, sort and distribute food at the Church of Our Redeemer on Miriam St. Residents of other towns are welcomed through an application process. There is a bin for food and toiletry donations at the local Stop and Shop. The interfaith Garden donates fresh produce during the growing season. Visit the website for more information. Welcome Carolyn Wortman who has been with the food pantry since it was started.

Among Our Own

Polly Erickson invites the congregation to a memorial service for her beloved husband Bob, who passed away in December after a long illness. Bob was a member of First Parish for many years, and served as treasurer for 3 years. The service will be at the church on Saturday, Jan. 21st at 1:00 pm, with a reception to follow. Please hold Bob and Polly and their daughter Sarah in your hearts as they mourn his loss.  

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Proposed Front Steps Accessibility Project

The Building Grounds Committee is proposing that First Parish initiate a project to improve church accessibility via the front steps WITHOUT requesting additional capital campaign donations. We think we have a good shot of being awarded a grant from the Dana Home Foundation to cover 75% of the cost. We know these granite steps from 1847 are high and not easy for all to negotiate. It’s time to make improvements.

As it stands now, the proposed project would fulfill the late Parker Hirtle’s plan for modifying the middle section of the steps by reducing riser height and by adding a landing between the top

step and the front door threshold. Before proceeding with a grant application for about 75% of the cost, B&G will have a table display during coffee hour on Sunday, January 22, for the purpose of explaining the project, answering questions, and soliciting input from the congregation. We will then make any changes that are needed as a result. Thanks to Parker, we have drawings, pictures, and even a scale model to share with you. The drawings and pictures, including a photo of the scale model, and a narrative about the proposed project, will also be made available online prior to January 22, along with an email address for submitting input.

How do we foster a sense of racial and social justice in our schools and throughout our communities? Click on the image above for more information. This event is co-sponsored by the First Parish Racial Justice Team.

From choir rehearsals to Soul Matters, Building Bridges to Meditation Group, Soul Matters to Urban Ministry, Democracy Team to Climate Action Team and all of the other wonderful ways to get involved here at First Parish, please check the church calendar.

Coming this Sunday in R.E. for Kids and Youth

U.U. Explorers Space For Kids and Youth Together 

Kids and youth are invited to join Robi, Annelie and helpers during the service on Sunday, January 22nd for R.E. special activities using the imagery of “mirrors and windows” to explore themes celebrating unity and diversity. 


Senior High youth are invited to their 6th workshop of the Coming-of-Age program from 12:15 to 1:45pm. We will continue exploring how justice and service are key parts of our personal and communal U.U. theology and values and plan a group service project.

Junior Youth Group and Senior High Youth Group

All middle school youth are invited to join us from 5:30 to 6:55pm and high school teens will meet from 7 to 9pm. 

Thursday, January 19th

7:30 - 9:00

How can people begin to empathize with others, even if political agendas differ greatly? Can we love Yankee fans as much as Red Sox fans, even in the midst of stunning defeat? Mina Cikara, Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvard, studies how the mind, brain, and behavior change when the social context shifts from “Me and You” to “Us and Them". Breakout Room discussions and Large Room conversations promise engaging exchanges!  


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January Friendship Potluck

Dear members and friends of First Parish Lexington,

The Members and Friends (M&F) Committee would like to invite you and your family and friends to join us for a potluck supper on Friday, January 27 starting around 6 p.m. This is a simple affair with no sign-up required, just bring what you would like to eat and some extra to share.   

The thought behind this potluck is to provide a space for members and friends of our beloved community to connect. Past potlucks like this one from First Parish and other UU congregations have helped the community members to form and maintain strong bonds.

Need some inspiration on what to bring to share? Pretty much any one of the following, from a cooked entrée (crockpot offerings were favorites in the past), a tossed or other salad, a dessert, or takeouts. Please label the ingredients if homemade, so folks can check out for any allergies; and no nuts as our church is a Nut-free zone.

Members & Friends committee members will set up Parker Hall and make use of church tableware and glasses or mugs to be kind to the climate. We will provide beverages and our share of food offerings. We’ll run the dishwasher and clean up with help from the participants. 


Please feel free to reach out to any of us, if you have any questions or suggestions.

We are looking forward to sharing some food and building friendship in our beloved community.

M&F Committee: 

David Horton, Deborah Lawson,

Dan England, Pete Tasker, 

Vicky Guo

Reducing Plastic Waste

One solid way to reduce your use of plastics is to make conscious decisions.


These changes will help reduce our carbon footprint:


1.  When buying clothes, search for those made sustainably using natural materials and little or no chemicals.


2.  Eliminate plastic bottles for shampoo, body wash, etc. by using refillable glasses and jars.


3.  Buy locally. This decreases transportation carbon costs.  Since you are not buying from a mass producer you can decrease the use of plastic food containers.


Bobbie Hodson,

Climate Action Team

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