Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Sunday Worship


As our markets fill with autumnal bounty, we are reminded with every scent, every spice, every squash and every smile that the world is a blessing beyond measure. Even in hard times. Especially in hard times - we must ground ourselves in the gratitude that comes when we honor the blessings of earth and sky, of land and sea, of field and forest. Come, and give thanks.

This Sunday, the First Parish Sanctuary Choir will sing Tom Fettke’s beautiful arrangement of Guilio Caccini’s passionate “Holy” and John Leavitt’s thrilling “Festival Sanctus.” Alto soloists Julia Jaffe, with period instrumentalists Mary Cicconetti (baroque oboe), Jennifer Morsches (baroque cello) and Rip Jackson (harpsichord) will present Johann Sebastian Bach’s deeply moving alto aria “Getrost! Es Faßt ein Heiliger Leib” (from Cantata No. 133, “Ich freue mich in dir”). And for the centering music and postlude the baroque instrumentalists will play Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s lyrical “Adagio” and joyful “Allegro" (from Oboe Sonata in G minor, H.549).

Share the Plate

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Society (IFRC) is the world’s largest humanitarian network comprising 191 National Societies working to save lives, build community resilience bringing together 16 million volunteers for the good of humanity. We will watch a short video highlighting their work.


This Sunday we’ll explore an ancient story from the Iroquois Nation which is made of Six American Indian nations. It is a story of peace and thanksgiving for the Earth and everyone who lives on the Earth. If the weather cooperates, we’ll end our morning with a walk outside to find things about nature we are thankful for. Please bring your warm jackets.

Caroline and Annelie


Our Whole Lives will meet at our regular time on Sunday November 19th from 4 to 6:15pm. This will be Robi’s last time leading and she has a few surprises planned. 

Senior High Youth Group will be meeting at 7:30pm for a Friendsgiving snack feast (bring treats you have at home) and games of your choosing. 

Note that there will be no youth programming the following Sunday (November 26) for the holiday weekend.  

Winter Solstice is coming and we need some participation!

Rev. Anne will once again be directing a story, and we need actors of all ages to speak and to move (and maybe to dance!)

Please consider being a part of this engaging experience - it is always lots of fun!

Rehearsals will be on Saturday mornings from 9:30 -11:00 a.m. on Dec. 2, 9 and 16.

The Winter Solstice Service is on Friday, Dec. 22 at 7:30 p.m.

Please be in touch with Rev. Anne if you can join us. 

Causes of Global Climate Change

The three worst causes of global climate change are:

  • Burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas  
  • Cutting down of forests
  • Raising of livestock.  

The largest cause of global climate change by far is the burning of fossil fuels which account for nearly 90 % of all carbon dioxide emissions and over 75 % of total global greenhouse gas emissions. The last time carbon dioxide levels on our planet were as high as today was more than 4 million years ago.

As greenhouse gas emissions increase in the earth’s atmosphere, they trap more of the sun's received heat which raises the earth's temperature (causes global warming). 

The worst greenhouse gases are:

  • carbon dioxide
  • methane
  • nitrous oxide
  • fluorinated gases: hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Methane has more than 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide over the first 20 years after it reaches the atmosphere. While CO2 has a longer-lasting warming effect, methane is the highest for warming in the near term.

Stop Hanscom Expansion for Private Jets:

Join a Standout to Spread the Word 

Every Tuesday in November at 8:30 a.m.

Depot Square, Lexington Center

Sponsored by: 

 First Parish Climate Action Team 

 Lexington Climate Action Network 

Address questions to: 

  Tom Wanderer, First Parish:

  Jeanne Krieger:

  Margaret Coppe:

Getting Closer... The Great Fall Auction!

Please donate your items by November 22nd. You can email a description and picture of your item to or fill out this online form. The auction is an important fundraiser for First Parish, and we will be donating 5% of the proceeds to Smart from the Start. Bidding on the auction website starts December 2nd, followed by a live auction at First Parish on Saturday night, December 9th. 

Questions? or contact the Auction co-chairs: Vicky Guo, Richard Jobling, or Tom Rich.

Thursday, November 16th 7:30-9:00

Building Bridges will take us near and far – from around the Thanksgiving table to peace efforts in the Middle East.

Family relationships during upcoming holidays can suffer in the current toxic political environment. Our first portion will be a PBS Newshour video highlighting how to best avoid political disagreements during the upcoming holidays. (6:30)

The second portion will be learning about the Jerusalem Youth Chorus, a music/dialogue project that has provided space for young people from East and West Jerusalem to grow together in song and dialogue. (2:40)

ZOOM Link:

Meeting ID: 968 5208 9665

Passcode: Reunited

Among Our Own

We all have times in our life when we experience grief, loss, hardship and loneliness. One of the blessings of sacred community is having a group of compassionate, trained, and willing volunteers to companion us through these hard times. Have you experienced the support of members of First Parish during a rough time in your life? Would you like to learn more about how to be a warm, listening presence for someone else who is going through difficulties? If so, please consider becoming a Pastoral Associate. This important ministry of our church provides a supportive presence during these hard times. Rev. Anne is looking for a few more people who would be willing to commit to being trained to be able to offer active listening and supportive presence to members of our church. Please contact Rev. Anne if you are interested or would like to learn more. Training will happen in January at a time that works for everyone’s schedule. 

Common Cause is asking us to urge Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (by phone or email) to sign the "No Cost Calls" legislation just passed by the General Court. This legislation will  end the practice of private corporations charging incarcerated people and their families huge fees to make phone calls to and from prison. The Department of Correction and Sheriffs give private, for-profit companies lucrative contracts that inflate the cost of calls and then charge the people receiving calls these inflated rates.  This is an important democracy issue because:  

  • Many incarcerated citizens can vote from jail and prison and rely on communication with their families to stay informed.
  • Incarcerated citizens can also testify on legislation if the public hearing allows testimony by telephone.

Public participation in our government shouldn't come with a price tag. Please use the link below to contact the Governor ASAP (she has less than a week to sign.

Join us in emailing the Governor today!

From choir rehearsals to Soul Matters, Building Bridges to Meditation Group, Urban Ministry to Democracy Team, Climate Action Team to Youth Groups and all of the other wonderful ways to get involved here at First Parish, please check the church calendar.

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