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A Service of Song with Nick Page

Nick Page is a Boston based composer, conductor and author who is best known for his song leading.  In the 1980’s he was a conductor with the Emmy Award winning Chicago Children’s Choir. Since 1990, he has led Boston’s Mystic Chorale and guest conducted around the world including at three of the four Carnegie Halls (Pittsburgh, New York, and Scotland).  His choral works have premiered everywhere from Lincoln Center to humble school cafetoriums.   He is the author of three books and has over one hundred published choral pieces. But especially dear to us is that Nick grew up in First Parish, and we are absolutely delighted to have him return home to lead us in this service!


Despite the cold Saturday, thirteen hardy souls raked, dug, mowed, weed-whacked, cleaned leaves and debris, and updated signs at both the church's parking lot and our side lot. 

Many thanks go again to Dick Fleiss, Jim Gross, Omar Khudari, Anne Khudari, Sarah Matthews, John Oberteuffer, Dave Pollack, David Rose, David Townzen, and Tom Wanderer.

You may have noticed the wider area for parking, the new parking designations, restrictions and signs, the fire lane, and the caution crosswalk at the side door. Please take time to read the signs, as ONLY staff and HP parking is available in the paved area. The rest of us will park in the rear lot. This is a change, respecting our hard-working staff and our aging congregation. Remember that staff come and go at different times, and their spot should be left free for them.

And a cautionary request: please observe 5 MPH speed in the driveways and parking lot, as parts of the driveway are narrower than before, and many people exit through our side door.

And thanks go again our volunteers who have thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and kitchenette, washed all the dishes and silverware and utensils, and organized the cabinets: Amy Breiting, Carolyn Fleiss, Marty Kvaal and Sara Mannix. This was no easy task after two years of disuse, and I hope you have noticed the difference! 

Please thank our volunteers for showing up each time for the work parties to beautify our church. Better yet, join them at our next one, another outdoor one to be held in December to get the rest of those pesky leaves.

Thanking you in advance,

Toni Tasker, for B&G

Guest at Your Table (GAYT) is our UU Service Committee (UUSC)’s annual intergenerational program to raise support for and awareness about key human rights issues. The program is an opportunity to celebrate grassroots partnership, support human rights, and learn about just four of these programs and individuals’ stories—the “guests” in Guest at Your Table. This week learn about Ian Zdanowic, who works for a direct services program for LGBTQ youth impacted by immigration systems. Support our Share the Plate in December for UUSC.


Join in a discussion after church service on December 4th regarding our Congregation-wide Covenant and proposed ByLaw revisions, by the Governance Task Force and 8th Principle Teams, Erik Svenson, Laura Rosen, Susanna Whitman, and others. We want to hear from everyone about these proposals! 

To prepare, please review these three documents:

Donation Form



How to Donate

  1. E-mail us with Donor Name(s) and Contact Info. You can help us by providing (i) the title of the Donation, (ii) description and quantity, and (iii) if applicable date offered and whether the price is fixed. If not fixed price an estimated value can be helpful but is optional.
  2. Fill in a donation form in-person on Sundays
  3. Complete the online form linked here OR 
  4. Call us at ‪(508) 709-5115 and if we can’t answer the phone, leave a message. We will call you back as soon as possible.

Religious Exploration

This Sunday, Nov. 27th will be a Multigenerational Service led by the dynamic Nick Page. Robi and Annelie are off for the holiday weekend, but kids are very welcomed to attend this musical and engaging service. 

All R.E. programs including Sunday morning programming for all ages, Coming-of-Age from 12:15 to 1:45pm, Junior Youth from 5:30 to 6:55pm, and Senior Youth from 7 to 9pm return next week, December 4th. 

Watch for your Weekly Update next week for inspiring news about how YOU can participate in our Dec. 18th Multigenerational worship service featuring how our Unitarian Universalist ancestors started Christmas traditions that are festive and meaningful.  


We are looking for 2-3 members who are interested in joining a Board Task Force over the next 6 months, to help us shape a new committee here at First Parish. The Board has approved the formation of a SHARED MINISTRY TASK FORCE. Task force members will develop a definition, purpose, and charter for a proposed SHARED MINISTRY COMMITTEE here at First Parish, examining many UU resources to help do so, and then will hold a series of meetings with the congregation for our feedback to prepare us for voting on a proposed by-law change to approve this new committee at our Semi-Annual Meeting in Spring 2023. Please contact Shared Ministry Task Force members, Mark Fortin, Debbie Armstrong, JoAnn Mulready-Shick, or Rev Anne within the next two weeks about joining them in this important work. We look forward to working together!

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

November's Theme is FOOD




Since one-third of food grown for human consumption in the U.S. never makes it into our stomachs, we need to address this loss.  Food waste in the U.S. creates more greenhouse gas emissions than the gas emissions of the U.S. airlines. 


Organic waste in landfills generates methane – a potent greenhouse gas. Composting by all individuals, farms, and restaurants would significantly reduce methane emissions. 


Composting creates enriched soil, helping retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests. So, composting reduces, and in some cases eliminates, the need for chemical fertilizers. 


Here are some significant ways you can help:


1.  Encourage Lexington (your town) to make curbside composting collection available to all residents.  It’s an easy procedure and produces healthy soil in return.


2.  Make a compost pile in your yard.  Your food waste, leaves, twigs, branches, grass clippings, old flowers, and other organic material make nutritious soil.


3. Keep a worm composting bin for your veggies and fruits. Worms break down your organic matter much faster which reduces rot and eliminates odors. It’s easy and the worms love it.

Greetings Members and Friends!

Our parish is again participating in the UU Urban Ministry

Holiday Gift Program which supports families at their Renewal House shelter and participants in their Believe in Success program. If you are able and would like to help this holiday season, they have requested donations in the form of gift cards. This offers participants the opportunity to choose what is needed for their own families. Gift cards for places like Amazon, Target, Walmart, or Visa and American Express in any amount will be gratefully accepted by the many families, current and past alums of these programs.

Kindly bring your contributions to First Parish on Sundays between November 13th & December 4th and insert them in the festive holiday box which we will be located in Parish Hall. We can accept them up to December 4th at which time we will bring them to UU Urban Ministry Holiday Gift organizers.

Thank you in advance for your kind generosity in helping all families experience the joy of the season. For questions or details, please contact Jane Beswick.

Submissions for The Weekly Update are due by the end of day, Mondays. To submit an article or information for consideration, please use this form.

Winter Solstice Experience


On Friday, December 16, 2022 First Parish in Lexington will present a Winter Solstice Experience at 7:00 pm.  With music, ritual, candles, dancing and darkness, we will experience the quiet of the longest night, and welcome the sun as we wait for her return. Led by Rev. Anne Mason, Music Director Rip Jackson and Robi Rose, story teller, this will be a mystical experience exploring earth-centered imagery, with an invitation to cherish the darkness. You are invited to set aside your frenetic everyday concerns and take this hour for your own inward journey.  The Solstice is honored by indigenous religions around the world and we will have music, dance and poetry which honor many traditions.  A group of intergenerational dancers will weave movement and ritual to celebrate the peace of the darkest night of the year and the triumphant return of the sun’s nourishing light. soprano soloist Natalie Brierre, soprano sax player Katie Runde Sanchez, guitar, electric bass, piano, electronic synthesizer, drums, rain stick, gong, Tibetan singing bowl and other atmospheric musical instruments. They will sing music from diverse genres including music by Paul Winter, Loreena McKennitt, Enya and original music by Rip Jackson. A free will offering will be taken and public parking is in the rear of the church.

From choir rehearsals to Soul Matters, Building Bridges to Meditation Group, Soul Matters to Urban Ministry, Democracy Team to Climate Action Team and all of the other wonderful ways to get involved here at First Parish, please check the church calendar.

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