What To Expect If Your Student Is Quarantined or Absent
Below is some information that we would like to make sure you are aware of in the event that your students is quarantined or absent for any other reason.

  • Teachers have spent the semester making students familiar with Google Classroom and students will know where to find their work.
  • Student will need to check classroom daily.
  • Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom under the Classwork Tab.
  • Assignments that will be graded will be clearly marked.
  • Those assignment will need to be completed by the due date or before they return to school.
  • If students do not complete work by the due date listed, you will receive and email telling you which assignment has not been competed.
  • If assignments are not completed when students return to school then they will receive ZAP.

Piedmont Public Schools is excited to announce our 1:1 Chromebook Initiative is now available for students at Piedmont Intermediate! 5th and 6th grade students are now able to check out a school-issued Chromebook from PPS. Your student will then be able to take the device back and forth from school to home for use on assignments and homework. In the event he/she is quarantined or the district must transition to Distance Learning, your student will have a device to assist in that transition.

Email the receipt to pi.office@piedmontschools.org and we will make sure that your student gets their Chromebook.

Students who checkout their chromebooks will be responsible for bringing them to school every day.
Outdoor Recess
Piedmont Intermediate students will continue to have recess outdoor as long as the weather permits us to take them outside. Please make sure that your students come to school with proper attire (coats, gloves, stocking caps) so they are prepared to be outside during the cooler weather.
Here is Quick Reminder about our Mask Policy

Students should bring a water bottle to school daily. We have water refilling stations available. Our drinking fountain stations are shut down at this time for sanitary purposes.